Do the Bennifers split up? Social crazy but the news is not there

It’s yellow on the news of a flash divorce between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, which has been bouncing around on social media accounts around the world for 24 hours. In fact, an article on ‘Hollywood Life’ about their distant August after their honeymoon in Paris, with him returning to Los Angeles and her staying in Europe (a few days ago she was in Capri) was enough to transform this separation. physical in the news of a divorce just three weeks after the wedding in Las Vegas. But in reality, the couple never said they separated, and even the article that sparked the whirlwind of rumors (and hundreds of thousands of Twitter jokes about the wedding that would melt in the sun faster than ice cream) did not speak. at all of a stop to their love story.

He simply said that the paths of the two had separated in these days in August because he had returned to Los Angeles for work commitments. “Sources close to the couple have revealed to HollywoodLife exclusively that the couple absolutely agree on spending time apart and that this will make their love much stronger,” the article read. But he then added that Ben, 49, and Jlo, 53, were in constant contact, between phone calls, messages and video calls. “The time they spend apart from each other makes it better to find each other. JLo loves knowing that her husband will be there for her no matter what happens,” HollywoodLife wrote, quoting a source close to Jennifer. So, what could have turned two weeks of physical but not sentimental separation into a divorce (and brought the hashtags of the two to the top of Twitter conversations around the world) is a mystery that only a few algorithms applied to social networks can explain.