Do you know that before becoming an actor Lino Guanciale did something completely different? You never would have guessed that

What did Lino Guanciale do before becoming an actor? You would never imagine: a truly unthinkable background appears.

After the very unpleasant news that saw him involved a few weeks ago, Linen Pillow is ready to return to TV. In a few days and exactly starting from Monday 3 October, the beloved actor will make his debut on the small screen with a new TV series.

Linen Pillow first. Credits: Youtube

After some time from Il Commissario Ricciardi and the ‘shock’ ending of Noi, Lino Guanciale will be the protagonist of a new Rai TV series. Entitled ‘Survivors’, the television series features a truly formidable cast and storyline that heralds something incredible. Waiting for the debut episode, however, let’s pay attention to the good Guanciale: curious to know who the actor was Before of success?

According to what is learned, in fact, it would seem that the actor from Avezzano began to take his first steps in this world after obtaining his diploma from the Silvio D’Amico Academy of Dramatic Art in 2003. And that after his debut has never stopped. But what we ask you now is: what did he do before taking this path? On the web we read that, before becoming an actor in all respects, the good Guanciale did something else. Thing? Let’s find out together. Although we are sure you would never imagine it!

What did Lino Guanciale do before becoming an actor? Not everyone imagines it

To date, as we said previously, Linen Pillow is a beloved actor. Have you ever wondered what his life was about Before to become one? Better to say: do you know what the very nice actor from Avezzano did before embarking on this career, among other things studded with successes? Perhaps not everyone knows, but it would seem that good Lino did something else. Let’s understand something more.

Like Luca Argentero, it would seem that Lino Guanciale also had a particular propensity for sport. So much so that, even before enrolling at Silvio D’Amico’s Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, the actor entered this world as a rugby player. On the web, in fact, we read that he was part of the National Under 16 and Under 19 section. A truly incredible background, no doubt about it! After this parenthesis, then, he enrolled at the Academy and immediately afterwards gave birth to a phenomenal career.

What are survivors talking about?

The TV series Survivors tells the adventures of seven shipwrecked people who are found near the African coast after having disappeared completely into thin air with their ship. Very soon, however, the seven sailors will realize that there is a secret that unites them: what really happened during their voyage?

pillow first
Survivors. Credits: Instagram

From this little ‘preview’ it is clear that the TV series will be full of ‘mystery’ and that it promises to be totally unmissable.