Do you know the private life of Francesco Paolantoni? What is the name of the former partner and what does he do

An artist with a unique comedy, Francesco Paolantoni is a character loved by the public: what do you know about his private life? Let’s find out some more details together, have you ever seen his ex-partner?

Francesco Paolantoni is a great artist, a character who in the entertainment world has collected enormous success thanks to his immense talent. A comedian by ‘passion’ who holds the stage well and conquers the audience with his shrewd spontaneity.

Francesco Paolantoni (Source photo Instagram)

He is one of the participants of the very famous and hilarious show broadcast on Rai 2, Tonight Everything is Possible. Starting this evening, the brand new edition of the beloved program conducted by Stefano De Martino returns to the air. Francesco Paolantoni is a great artist, and in front of the camera he always manages to conquer who he has in front of him. From his beginnings in the television world starting in the 90s, he has really achieved a lot of success. But what do we know about his private life instead? Let’s find out more.

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Francesco Paolantoni, the details of his private life: what is his name and what does his ex-partner do

His artistic career is full of success. Francesco Paolantoni he is also very popular on social networks, where he never misses an opportunity to interact with his social community. As for the private life of Francesco Paolantoni.. If you are wondering if he has a wife or children, the answer is no. At the moment, from what we know Francesco Paolantoni is single.

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private life francesco paolantoni
Francesco Paolantoni, the details of his private life: who is his former partner (Photo source Pixabay)

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Guest at Come to Me, by Caterina Balivo, some time ago the comedian talked about a love story with her who is now one of his ex-girlfriends. In his life Francesco Paolantoni had several stories, but the one with Paola Cannatello was a story that lasted years during which the two shared a lot together. What do we know about Paola Cannatello? The former comedian’s partner, some time ago she developed a strong interest and a great passion for writing and for the theater. And in fact, today she is an author and an actress. To date, the two are still on good terms.