Do you know what Gianluca Semprini did before his success? An unimaginable background appears

He is Roberta Capua’s right shoulder, but do you know what Gianluca Semprini did before his success as a journalist and host?

It has always been said and now we have the confirmation: you can’t change a winning team! This is, without a doubt, what the director of Rai Uno thought when he wanted to confirm Roberta Capua at the helm of Estate Live and Gianluca Semprini.

What did Gianluca Semprini do before the success? Credits: Youtube

The host couple, as you well know, is by no means new to the broadcast audience. In fact, last year the two had already taken over the reins of the program and had come out as undisputed winners. And this is what prompted the director of Rai Uno, therefore, to confirm them. We really know everything about Roberta Capua and, in our very recent article, we also talked about her being her husband, but what do you need to know about Gianluca Semprini? He too, like his colleague, has a rather experienced career in the world of TV and journalism, but are you curious to know what he did before his success? According to what is learned from Donna Glamor, it would seem that before dedicating himself to the activity of conductor and journalist, the good Semprini devoted himself to something else. Let’s find out what.

What did Gianluca Semprini do before his TV debut?

Waiting for today’s episode of Summer live, we couldn’t help but look for some more news about Gianluca Semprini, discovering a background that not everyone knows. Have you ever wondered, for example, what the beloved host did before success? Today he is a well-known TV face and an esteemed journalist, but before embarking on this path, what activity did he dedicate himself to?

According to what is learned from Donna Glamor, it would seem that Gianluca Semprini is dedicated to something completely different before becoming part of this world. In fact, we read that he has joined the building renovation company belonging to his father. We do not know how long this parenthesis in his life lasted, but we can clearly understand that very soon the good Semprini understood what his path was and did not lose the opportunity to follow it. And, given the results obtained, it comes naturally to us to say that he did more than well.

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Credits: Youtube

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