Do you know who Elisabetta Canalis’ ex-husband is? Here’s what the separation agreement provides

Have you ever seen Elisabetta Canalis’ ex-husband? The two have a very special separation agreement. Here are all the curiosities about their divorce.

Elisabetta Canalis And Brian Perri they divorce, this time it’s official. The rumors of a possible separation had already been very strong for almost a year, but their decision has only now been communicated. The two have been married since 2014 and have one daughter. Skyler Evaborn September 29, 2015. The former tissue of Strip the News lives in Los Angeles for many years now and does not seem willing to go back to Italyat least not yet.

Elisabetta Canalis during a photo shoot – credits: Instagram – sologossip

After almost ten years of marriage, therefore, another VIP couple jumps and the details of their separation have greatly intrigued the fans of the Sardinian actress. There are some surprising passages, especially those involving the little girl. According to some rumors from the United States of America, Elizabeth he would have already moved his residence to another house, still in Californiaand in recent days he would have stopped posting photos in domestic environments on social networks for this very reason.

Elisabetta Canalis: the details of the separation with Brian Perri

Brian Perri he is a highly respected surgeon California. During the months of the pandemic, Elisabetta Canalis she participated in several live on Instagram in which she advertised her ex-husband’s work. It is clear that at the time the couple was still close, but now the divorce has arrived. Elizabeth And Brian they are no longer married and we can anticipate some details of their separation.

Elisabetta Canalis Brian Perri
Elisabetta Canalis and Brian Perri divorce – credits: Instagram – sologossip

As reported by Today, Elizabeth And Brian they would have asked for joint custody of the little girl Skyler Eve. At the Canalis no maintenance would be due, also because she is independent from an economic point of view and the ex couple has decided to put the child at the center of their interests. That’s why the divorce it would have been achieved with a very civil dialogue.

According to some rumors, the former partner of George Clooney he would have already found a new love. It’s about Georgian Cimpeanukickboxing champion that we have often seen in some videos of Elizabeth during workouts. It seems that the two have already been spotted a couple of times on the streets of Milan, so their relationship could go beyond the sports relationship. The weekly Who has published photos of the two, but both have preferred to avoid comments, which is why on their social profiles there are no photos together outside the gym.