Do you know who is behind ‘Dobby’ in Harry Potter? the actor’s face will leave you speechless

We all loved the elf ‘Dobby’ in Harry Potter, but do you know who is behind the character? The actor’s face will leave you speechless!

The anniversary for the release of the first film in the saga of Harry Potter, The Philosopher’s Stone, is upon us! Among the various characters of the magical world we certainly cannot forget Dobby, the mythical magical elf who moved us.

Do you know who is behind the character of ‘Dobby’ in Harry Potter? (Source Instagram)

Harry Potter, the fantasy saga inspired by the novels of JK Rowling it became famous all over the world, and launched all the performers who took part in it to success. However, not all the actors in the films are recognizable. Among them we find the adorable and fun Dobby, the magical elf who helped the protagonist throughout the story. The incredible technology available to the directors and crew allowed the actor to change his skin and lend his acting to the character, even if he is unrecognizable! Are you curious to know who the actor is behind Dobby?

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Dobby in Harry Potter: who is behind the character?

The face that gave depth to the fictional character is that of the Londoner Toby Jones, born in 1967. Son of the art of actors Freddie Jones And Jeanne Heslewood. Toby began to take an interest in a career in the world of cinema from a young age. Before his role as a magical elf in the successful saga, Toby Jones he has worked on the set of many films, including Neverland-A dream for life, Infamous-a bad reputation And The Miserables. In 2002 he was chosen to voice the character of Dobby in Harry Potter, and his voice really made this character special and believable.

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Dobby in Harry Potter
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However it is not Harry Potter which ensured the success of Toby Jonesrather it is the film Infamous – a very bad reputation in which he interprets Truman Capote, which earns him the prize London Critics Circle Film Awards. After the success he received, he also managed to get the role for the villain Arnim Zola, in movies Marvel from Captain America. In 2015 he also participated in the international production of The telling of tales, directed by the Italian director Matteo Garrone. Regarding his private life we ​​know very little since Toby Jones he is a very private man, but we know he is married and has two children.

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We love Toby Jones and we can’t wait to see it again on the big screen!