Do you know why Gerry Scotti is called that? Unthinkable background

Do you know why Gerry Scotti is called that? Here comes the unthinkable backstory about his past!

Gerry Scotti he is one of the best known and most appreciated Italian presenters on television. His career, which started at a very young age, then took off! But do you know why his name is Gerry? There is an unthinkable background from his past!

Do you know why Gerry Scotti is called that? Check the unthinkable background! (Source Instagram)

Even if everyone knows Gerry Scotti, not everyone will know that this is not his real name, so why is it called that? Born at home on the kitchen table a Camporinaldo in the province of Pavia in 1956, Gerry began his career very early. Enrolls in the faculty of Law of Milan, but did not obtain the diploma only for two missing exams. As for the entertainment world, Gerry Scotti started out as a DJ first with Radio Milano International and then with Radio Dee Jay. Until he discovers his true habitat, television. From there his career never stopped, until he became the myth we all know.

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Do you know why Gerry Scotti is called that? Here comes the unthinkable background!

As for Gerry’s private life, we know his partner’s name is Gabriella Perino, and thanks to her he managed to overcome the nasty trauma of separation with his first wife Patrizia Grosso, with whom he had his only child Edward. Gerry and Gabriella met thanks to their children, in fact the boys are classmates and best friends. An unexpected detail about Gerry’s life is his name, in fact this is not the real name of the presenter.

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Gerry Scotti is called that
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The great conductor Scotti, due to his fame, has received many nicknames and appellations over the years, including Uncle Gerry and Doctor Scotti. In truth it is called Virginio Scotti, name taken up to honor the homonymous uncle. His nickname i Gerry was given to him by his old middle school mates who teased him. From there the nickname remained, and became the symbol of his success. Who knows what his old comrades will now say in seeing him run successful programs, certainly a lot of pride.

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We love Gerry Scotti, did you know this particular about his nickname? Really amazing!