Do you recognize her? 25 years have passed, today it is fixed on TV

Do you recognize this woman? The photo is about twenty-five years old and portrays a person who is always on TV today. Who is it about? Did you understand that?

Who is this woman? Some may recognize it at first glance, because the somatic features have remained the same, despite the fact that twenty-five years have passed since this was taken photography. In a quarter of a century many things have changed for her, at the time almost unknown to the public and today present almost every day in TVin multiple television programs.

Who is this woman? (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The photo is a little blurry due to the passage of time but it was posted on Instagram right from her. The shot of her portrays her smiling and young, with a very evident neckline and rather high heels. Today his look it has changed, even if it continues to be noticed thanks to its beauty, which has not disappeared. She’s come a long way since this photograph was taken, today this woman is much loved, even though she doesn’t lack for haters.

Do you understand who it is? You probably guessed it but maybe you still need some clues to be sure. If you can’t resist the temptation to know the name of this famous character, scroll down the text and you will find out. Let’s give you a little help: it’s always on the air on the networks Mediaset.

Who is the woman in this photo? Today he is one of the most loved faces of Italian TV

So, did you figure out who this beautiful blonde woman in the picture is? Some probably immediately recognized her features, others had to think about it for a bit. But, for those who just can’t figure out who it is, we intervene to unravel the mystery. This woman is Sonia Bruganellitelevision producer, commentator and wife of Paul Bonolis. Did you understand that?

Sonia Bruganelli today (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

It was she who published this shot on Instagramwith a particularly enigmatic caption: “I remember every feeling of that day… I had very high and very uncomfortable sandals and an exaggerated cleavage. I pretended to be comfortable but I had already started putting on a mask. Today that mask is slowly collapsing… 🔐 #life #25annifa #telegatti1997”.

Which mask are you referring to? Some, scrolling through the comments, assumed that she was referring to her marriage to her husband, others think that today Sonia feels very comfortable in front of a camera, also because she is a regular guest at the Big Brother VIPone of the networks’ flagship broadcasts Mediasetbroadcast on Channel five. For sure, the Bruganelli she is still a very beautiful woman, as can also be seen from the recent shots that the Roman producer publishes almost every day on her social profiles. Did you recognize her?