Do you recognize him? He’s just a kid here, but we loved him in a famous movie

Do you recognize him? He’s just a kid here, but we loved him in a popular fantasy movie.

This actor was one of the protagonists of the very famous film, loved all over the world, which has become a symbol for an entire generation. Did you understand who it is?

Here he is only a child, but we loved him in a famous movie (Source Instagram)

Many prominent actors and characters like to share their lives, and even their past, with their fans. In fact, the person concerned recently posted a photo of him from when he was very young. Compared to the boy we all know, he was truly unrecognizable. The passion for acting and art has always been inside him, but it is only in the early 2000s that the actor moves to Los Angeles and is noticed there. At that point his career takes off with a very famous film. He also has a band born during school, which is called 100 Monkeys, with which he recorded a record called Grape.

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Here he is just a kid, but we loved him in a famous movie

His name is Jackson Rathbone, class of 1984 and born in Singapore. From an early age, due to his father’s work commitments, he often moved around the world, starting from Indonesia, England, Norway and later to America, where he settled permanently. The role that has consecrated him as a global actor is that of the mysterious vampire Jasper in the fantasy saga of Twilight. After the huge global success of the films, Jackson Rathbone has had multiple roles including The last airbender, Samson, Dread and many others.

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Here is only a child
Source Instagram

The charming vampire in real life was a child, and the actor gives us a childhood photo by posting it on his profile Instagram, which has almost 800,000 followers. The shot was posted on the occasion of the actor’s 37th birthday. He thanked everyone by writing “Thanks for all the good wishes. I love you all”. A step back in time for Jackson Rathbone, who in the image must have been a little over 7 years old. Currently the actor is married to a girl named Sheila, with whom he had three children.

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He was so small in this photo, you’d never guess it was the actor Jackson Rathbone, alias Jasper in Twilight?