Do you recognize it? She is the sister of a very famous singer and has been the protagonist of a series!

She is the sister of a very famous singer, but she also participated in a very popular children’s series, do you recognize her?

Do you remember her? He starred in the children’s series on Nickelodeon many years ago, she is now a mom and singer, just like her famous sister, who she really looks a lot like!

Do you recognize it? She is the sister of a very famous singer! (Source Instagram)

The person directly concerned is called Jamie Lynn and was born in 1991 in the state of Mississippi. She later moved with her whole family to New York in order to follow the career of her sister, who was gaining more and more popularity. You may remember Jamie Lynn for starring in the children’s series Zoey 101, aired on Nickelodeon, which dealt mainly with adolescent topics. Currently she has been chosen to play one of the protagonists of the Color of the Magnolias license plate Netflix. Her career has also continued towards the world of music, in fact she is also a country singer.

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She is the sister of a very famous singer, do you recognize her?

In 2005 he recorded the song Follow Me, which went on to become the soundtrack of Zoey 101. The song was written by the famous sister of Jamie Lynn. Did you understand who it is? Jamie Lynn Spears she is the younger sister of the most celebrated Britney Spears. The two are really two drops of water, even if they are ten years apart. Apparently after the media storm that hit the Spears family in the case “freebritney“, Even the relations between the two sisters have been severely damaged.

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sister of a very famous singer
Source Instagram

It would appear that their relationship was not as solid as it seemed and that Jamie Lynn was not going to support her sister at all in the legal battle against their father. The photo that portrays them together is in fact the last available of the Spears sisters happily nearby. Jamie Lynn on the other hand seems to have a quiet life. On his profile Instagram from two million followers she often publishes her life as a mother, in fact she had her first daughter at 16 with her high school boyfriend, and the second with her current husband Jamie Watson.

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We hope their relationship is resolved soon. And you knew the sister of Britney Spears?