Do you recognize it? She was at the beginning of her incredible career, today we only talk about her: she was very young

In this shot she was very young and at the beginning of her incredible career, do you recognize her? Today we only talk about her: here she is!

Were you able to recognize it in this ‘frame’ of the past? Here she was really very young and, above all, she was at the beginning of his incredible television career. Just think, it was exactly 1991 when he took part in this very famous TV program. And since that moment he has witnessed a real change in his life.

It was at the beginning of her career, do you recognize her? Photo Source: Youtube

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It was exactly 1991 when, just nineteen, the very young girl took part in one of the most famous and appreciated programs of those years. And she became one of the undisputed protagonists. Fixed face of the broadcast until 1994, the young girl had the opportunity to ride the crest of the wave. And to take part in tons of other successful programs. At this point, however, we ask you: were you able to recognize it? In this shot shown above, as we said previously, she was just a girl. Today, however, all we do is talk about her. Are you curious to know who exactly are we talking about? We think about it immediately.

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Today we only talk about her, but here she is at the beginning of her career: who are we talking about?

Without a doubt, 1991 is a rather unforgettable year for so many of his avid fans. In fact, it was this year that the first episode of Non è la Rai was broadcast. Conducted by the legendary Enrica Bonaccorti, the transmission by Gianni Boncompagni gave the opportunity to many girls to make their debut on the small screen. Among these, there is the protagonist of our article.

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Dancer and singer, this very young girl pictured in the photos early days of his career has become one of the undisputed protagonists of Non è la rai. And she managed to ride the crest of the wave right from the start. Who is it? Well: today we only talk about her. And do you know why? The answer is very simple: he is participating in another famous program. And, even in this case, he is giving ample proof of his strong and determined character. Here’s who we’re talking about:

career beginnings
Photo Source: Instagram

You have seen very well, yes! This very young girl depicted in the photo is just her: the splendid Miriana Trevisan. Did you recognize her?