Do you recognize the actor? In Daydreamer, his character left and never returned

Do you recognize the beloved actor in the photo? We loved him so much in Daydreamer, but his character, at one point, left and never returned.

This shot was posted by the actor recently. It would seem that it is surrounded by nature, in a magical place, where blue and green kiss. We mentioned to you that in Daydreamer, his character, at some point, left.

He is the beloved actor of Daydreamer, in this recent shot can you recognize him? (source instagram)

But he never returned, leaving a certain bitterness in the fans who hoped to see him again. In the history of the soap opera we have seen him in love with a much loved character, but his sentiment has never been reciprocated. After the end of the Turkish TV series, the actor continued on his way. Perhaps few know it, but he also got married. So, in this social shot, do you recognize him?

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Do you recognize the actor in the photo? We loved it so much in Daydreamer

In Daydreamer love was at the center of the plot. Can and Sanem obviously caught the attention of viewers, but not just them. The actor whose photo we showed you was part of the cast of the Turkish series.

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At some point, however, he left and never came back. His feeling for Leyla was unrequited and taken by the success and the new career, he left everything. Do you understand now who we are talking about? The actor in the photo is Ali Yagci, who plays Osman.

Daydreamer, Osman
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Many hoped that the butcher would bond with Deren, because, in some moments, there seemed to be something, but it didn’t. He left with his sister, Ayhan, best friend of the protagonist, and we have never seen him again. Today, the actor looks like this, does he seem different to you? Some details of her look are different, we notice that in the photo she has longer hair, tied back. On the soap, they were much shorter. Not only that, they are much more wavy, almost on the hedgehog. For the rest, Ali hasn’t changed at all!