Do you recognize the actress like that? She changed her hairstyle today, we loved her in Daydreamer

Do you recognize her in this shot? We saw the actress in the Turkish TV series Daydreamer but she had a very different look.

Maybe not everyone will recognize her, this is a social shot of an actress that we followed in Daydreamer-The wings of the dream. The Turkish television series had in our country but also in the country of production and in all the others where it was broadcast a huge success.

Daydreamer, actress today (credits: instagram)

The public became fond of the characters who appeared on stage and in particular they let themselves be overwhelmed by the love story brought to the fore. Can and Sanem made us live a dream which seemed at first and even during almost impossible. Many characters, friends, relatives and colleagues of the couple, have tried to put a spoke in the wheel of their love story. For example, we saw Huma, the photographer’s mother, who tried to get her son away from the young writer, or even Polen, her ex-girlfriend who tried to win him back.

Sanem was also hampered and the difficulties in the course of events have always been too many. There were also many friendly characters of both protagonists: CeyCey, Leyla, Deren, Guliz. Everyone gave something to the couple and above all something to the viewers. In the photo we showed you above it is photographed an actress who starred in Daydreamer, with this new look do you recognize her?

Daydreamer, do you recognize the actress in the photo? After about a year she changed her look

Daydreamer is a Turkish soap opera that has been very successful. The love story between Can and Sanem was the background to the whole plot but in parallel numerous other relationships were brought to the scene.

We have seen the love between Emre and Leyla: this relationship is also hindered from the beginning, especially by the man’s girlfriend. Sanem’s sister then has a hard time expressing her feelings and only after a while will the two become a couple. Many characters made us laugh and have fun with their sympathy. Looking at the shot above, do you recognize the actress? We saw her right in the Turkish series, where at a certain point in the story she begins to have feelings for Muzzafer, the boy who at the beginning of the soap had made the marriage proposal to the protagonist. After this important clue, did you understand which character he played him?

actress daydreamer
Here is the actress today (credits. Youtube)

Sibel Sisman brought in Guliz, Aziz’s assistant, the father of Can and Emre and is the company secretary. In the series she had a much more exuberant and likeable look, with clothes in bright colors and even the hairstyle was different. By carefully observing the social shot we notice that he has cut his hair, now they are shorter and wears a different hairstyle. The actress is very beautiful in this picture!