Do you recognize the Daydreamer actress? This is a social shot but it wasn’t quite like that in the series

Do you recognize the actress like that? We saw her in Daydreamer with a slightly different look, here are the details that do not go unnoticed.

There are many characters who have been part of the Daydreamer-The Wings of the Dream series and all in a different way have left a mark on the hearts of viewers. Of course, no one will forget the protagonists Can and Sanem who made us live a quite compelling fairytale, with increasingly lively scenes but with a beautiful happy ending.

Daydreamer, the actress today (credits. Instagram)

Their love story, however, has been troubled by many unexpected events, lies and lies, and even some people who have entered their lives have tried to push them away. Here we can mention, for example, the photographer’s mother who never frowned upon the young woman or the ex-girlfriend Polen, who repeatedly tried to win him back; there were also some characters who had entered the company for work but slowly tried to make room in the hearts of the two young people.

The photo above shows an actress who we followed in Daydreamer although in the series she appeared with a more elegant look, a different hairstyle and therefore, let’s say, she underwent a change to play her character. She is one of those people who tries to conquer the photographer but without great results. Now looking at the photo, do you recognize it?

We saw the actress in Daydreamer, do you recognize her today with this look?

The photo above shows an actress we saw in the Turkish television series Daydreamer. Of course, to play her character he had to undergo some changes, such as makeup, hairstyle, way of dressing, details that are different from what it is today in reality.

In the series she became part of the events of Can and Sanem trying to win over the handsome photographer. She had tiptoed into the company for work and she slowly tried to occupy the man’s heart. In fact, she tried several times to get close to him and she didn’t like Sanem’s closeness to the man. We know that she then she did not succeed. Well, after these very important clues, do you understand who he is?

actress daydreamer
Daydreamer actress (credits: youtube)

The actress in the social shot is Gamze Topuz and she played Ceyda, the business woman who meets Can in the company to establish business relationships but then takes over has other, more personal plans. Comparing with her character we notice some small changes, for example she always has a curly hairstyle but that falls more on the shoulders, the hair color is less bright and the makeup is different. Of course, her clothing is not the same as she always wore elegant in Daydreamer. Gamze thanks to Daydreamer is now also famous in Italy and in all the countries where it was broadcast. Also we have to say that she is a very beautiful actress, she was in the show and she is in reality.