Do you remember Fiorello in the Good Sunday program? It has been more than 20 years since then

Do you remember Fiorello in the famous show Buona Domenica? More than 20 years have passed since then.

Rosario Fiorello is one of the most loved and appreciated characters in the entertainment world. He is a showman, a comedian, a television and radio host, an actor, a singer and a voice actor. In his career he has done everything, working in different fields and always finding great appreciation.

Do you remember Rosario Fiorello in the Good Sunday show? Let’s talk more than 20 years ago (source getty)

In the last two years, we have seen him alongside Amadeus, at the Sanremo Festival. She made us laugh and have fun, we must say that her presence is felt. Also this year, after many hesitations, the conductor will be there. A few days ago his participation was announced and viewers could not help but rejoice. In recent years, he has worked in many programs, has conducted many and has been a guest many times. More than 20 years ago, Fiorello was the conductor together with other beloved presenters, on a Good Sunday. Remember the famous Sunday broadcast? Well, going back in time, we show you a shot of the conductor, from that time.

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Fiorello, do you remember the conductor on Buona Domenica? More than 20 years have passed since then, how it has changed

To the delight of viewers, once again this year, in the seventy-second edition of the Sanremo Festival we will have the pleasure of seeing it. Fiorello will support Amadeus in the musical event and we are sure that, like the past years, it will not disappoint us.

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In the previous weeks, his presence at the event was not safe and there were many doubts. Only a few days ago, the official news arrived. Fiorello has a very full career behind him, he is a conductor, an actor, a voice actor, a showman, a comedian and much more. He has worked in various fields always with great results. Remember when the presenter presented an edition of the famous show Buona Domenica? Many years have passed since then.

Fiorello Have a nice Sunday
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Here is a shot of the past, in which we see Fiorello on a Happy Sunday. He led the program together with Maurizio Costanzo, Paola Barale and Claudio Lippi from 6 October 1996 to 25 May 1997. We are talking about 25 years ago and as we can see, Fiorello had much longer hair then and was obviously much younger. . Do you remember those years?