Do you remember Gamze in Daydremaer? Here is a shot of the actress you’ve never seen

Do you remember Gamze In Daydreamer? Here is the actress off the set in a shot never seen before.

The love story between Can and Sanem was the centerpiece of Daydreamer-The wings of the dream. Thanks to her sister Leyla, her young woman starts working in the company owned by Divit. Her arrival coincides with the anniversary party of the activity and also with the return of Can. The meeting between the two happens by chance.

Daydreamer, Gamze character (credits: youtube)

On the day of the festival, Sanem finds himself in a darkened theater room where the photographer is further ahead. The latter, believing her to be her girlfriend Polen, pulls her to him and kisses her. At that point she runs away. But after that kiss he will do nothing but think of his him Albatros, the name with which he identifies him. This will also happen for Can. Time will bring their love to light. Both throughout history show that they feel a certain jealousy.

It happens when Ceyda arrives at the company and Sanem tries to control the situation with small gestures or, if not, with Yigit. There is also the arrival of Gamze, old friend of man, who seems to alarm the writer. This character hasn’t been around for a long time. She comes to the company for work projects and meets Can. Do you know who is the actress who brought it to the stage? We show you a social snapshot of her.

In Daydreamer she played Gamze: this is how the actress is today in this social shot

In the story of Daydreamer we have seen that the love between Can and Sanem was troubled by many characters. Huma, for example, the photographer’s mother, tried to push the two away, disliking her young woman with her son. There was also Polen who tried to win back her ex-boyfriend.

Yigit, at some point, began to feel something of an obsession with the writer. She even throws her book into the fire and makes believe that she was her photographer. The character in the picture is Gamze, an old friend of man. She arrives at the company to undertake projects and meets Can, her old friend. The two greet and hug each other, which causes Sanem’s jealousy. You will remember the scene, when she brings the tea she tries to observe and understand what is actually between the two. This character was not very present: do you know who is the actress who played him?

gamze daydreamer
Gamze, actress today (credits: instagram)

Asli Melisa Uzun brought Gamze to the stage. The actress is very young, and she is also a dancer and a model. In this social photo she looks a bit different from how we saw her in the TV series, she has a different hairstyle and makeup but she is always very fashionable. Thanks to this role we also got to know her.