Do you remember her in The Secret? You just announced wonderful news

The absolute protagonist of the first seasons of Il Segreto, Megan Montaner has announced wonderful news: the fans are over the moon.

It was 2013 when, in Italy, the first episode of a soap was aired which has become one of the most loved ever. Let’s talk about The secret, the Spanish telenovela that kept viewers company for almost ten years. Ten years of emotions, twists, intrigues and captivating plots: the closure of the series has been a bad blow for viewers. Which they will always have in their hearts Sweet Pepa.

Pepa in The Secret (Credits Youtube) – Sologossip

This is the absolute protagonist of the first seasons of the soap opera: the secret, mentioned in the title, concerned the young midwife, so hated by Francisca Montenegro. The tormented love story with Tristan made the audience dream, but today we’re talking about another love story. Which is not about Pepa, but about the wonderful actress who gave her her face. It’s about Megan Montaner, famous actress, protagonist of many successful series, including Grand Hotel, also broadcast on Canale 5. What happened to the splendid actress in the last few days? The announcement is very sweet!

The actress of Il Segreto has wonderful news: the news drives fans crazy

Is called Megan Montaner, but for many fans it is simply Pepa. For years, the character of Il Segreto has kept the Canale 5 audience company, which continues to be fond of the actress, despite the fact that she left the scene (tragically) from the series quite a few years before the end. Aguirre’s determination, the way she has always faced the wicked Donna Francisca and the strength with which she has always defended the people she loves: impossible to forget Pepa! And, a few days ago, the actress announced wonderful newswhich made all her supporters who have never abandoned her super happy.

“Welcome little Soren,” he wrote attached to the last shot shared on Instagram. Yes, the beautiful Megan she became a mother for the second time! Little Soren was born on January 16, 2023 and will join his older brother, Kael, born in 2017. Since 2013, the Spanish actress has been linked to the biologist Gorka Ortuzar, father of the two babies.

A very sweet news, the one announced by Montaner on social media and, in a very short time, the post was literally invaded by the affection of friends, fans and colleagues. Everyone has wanted to express their joy to the beloved actress for a few days mother bis.

megan montaner instagram
Megan Montaner pregnant (Credits Instagram) -Sologossip

A shower of wishes and hearts among the comments on the post, where Megan posted a sweet shot of the newborn, showing some tender details. We can only join them all in sending Megan our best wishes. And welcome to the world little Soren!