Do you remember her so to Amici? Today Aisha shows herself in a completely different look

Do you remember her like this at Amici 21? Today Aisha has changed her look, here she is with her new hairstyle.

Amici 21 ended in May with the victory of Luigi Strangis while the second place was won by Michele Esposito. The dancer thus triumphed in the dance category. This year we have met many talents. All the students left their mark in different ways, as happens in every edition.

Friends, look Aisha (credits: instagram)

In particular, in the latter two, due to the spread of the covid, changes have been made that have made the dancers and singers fully live. In fact, they have always been together in the house, and even for the Christmas holidays they have not returned home. We therefore met and had the opportunity to appreciate the artistic side of each one but also the personal side. We got so particularly fond of the kids in the school. One of the youngest singers who has been part of the twenty-first edition of Amici is Aisha. She entered at 17 and left at 18.

It was Lorella Cuccarini who followed her in her formative path. The singer arrived at the evening and the elimination of her left everyone speechless. Once out of school, she was a guest at Verissimo, she said that Amici was like a therapy, she helped her a lot: “I realized that being with other people is not so scary”. Today she is enjoying the success while she is very busy around Italy with her tour. Well, the singer showed up at events with a very different look from how we saw her in school: here’s her new hairstyle.

Aisha after Amici changes her look: have you seen her with her new hairstyle?

Aisha was part of the twenty-first edition of Amici. In the school she literally blew everyone away with her voice, majestic and deep. She very young she seems to have all the right cards to become a successful singer and a real star.

Already now he is enjoying the success and satisfactions that are coming. The singer in fact announced on her instagram channel her summer tour: “Just me, the music and you. See you very soon. I can’t wait to sing together “. You have thus revealed in which cities you will stop. In her latest stories she is at an event of hers, she is photographed on stage and many people rushed to listen to her sing. And it is precisely from the videos and from the published shots we noticed her new look.

Aisha friends look
Friends, new look (credits: instagram)

Aisha has decided to renew her style showing herself with a new hair. If in her school we saw her with a curly hair, now she has dared with braids all over her head and her hair is much longer. Even so she is beautiful!