Do you remember her to Amici? You would never guess what happened

Do you remember her in the Amici di Maria De Filippi school? You would never guess what happened to the former face of the Canale 5 talent show.

The twenty-second edition of Friends has now come alive. The final phase of the talent show, the one that takes place in the prime time episodes, is getting closer and closer and the students are competing to get a place in the long-awaited evening. Waiting to find out who will make it and who, instead, will have to say goodbye to her dream, let’s take a step back to a few years ago…

Lauren to Amici (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

It was 2018 when the singer Irama triumphed in the Canale 5 talent show, who, from there, began a career full of successes and satisfactions. But remember who climbed to the top step of the podium in regards to dance category? just her, Lauren Celentano, the dancer born in Cheshire, Connecticut, who conquered everyone with her extraordinary talent. The competitor arrived at the evening in the blue team and won the dance circuit, finishing fourth in the general classification. A great satisfaction for the Italian-American, who the Canale 5 audience remembers with great affection. And, speaking of Lauren, there is wonderful news about it.

Do you remember Lauren at Amici? Wonderful news for the former talent winner

Beating fellow ‘rival’ Bryan Ramirez, in 2018 Lauren Celentano won the dance circuit of the seventeenth edition of Amici. Grit and talent to spare, Lauren has proven to be an excellent dancer, but also with a passion for dancing and acting. In fact, her dream has always been to perform on Broadway. And guess what?

Lauren’s dream has come true. As announced by herself on social media a few months ago, the dancer she joined the cast of the musical Moulin Rouge and performs right on Broadway. An endless joy for the former face of Amici, who shares photos and videos of his through Instagram magical experience, marking his Broadway debut. On Instagram, the former Amici dancer says she received the wonderful news of her in July, through a phone call from her agent. “I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of this cast”said Lauren, thanking all of her teachers for helping her achieve her dream, and parents, friends and family for believing in her.

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Lauren on Broadway (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Meanwhile, the current edition of Amici continues and the contest of competitors becomes more and more heated. The recent eliminations of Cricca and Rita have caused a lot of discussion, but new students have entered the school, ready to do everything to win a sweatshirt for the evening. Sweatshirt that, at the moment, has only been obtained by the classical dancer Ramon, a pupil of the teacher Alessandra Celentano. And you, who are you rooting for?