Do you remember him? The news went around the web: we will see it right there

Do you remember him? The news has already been around the web: we will see it in the new edition of the program!

He will be the new face of the next edition of the program, do you remember? He is already a well-known face of Italian television but also of international television, the news has already made the rounds of the web.

Do you remember him? We will see it right there (Source Instagram)

Well yes! There will be a new judge already well known within the new season of the hospitality program on Real Time. We met him thanks to his profession as a former model and actor, in fact the new face of the program participated as a castaway in the edition of the Island of the Famous in 2006, he starred in Italian fiction Police District and participated as a correspondent of Every morning. A truly exceptional resume, but that’s not all, because the handsome actor has also taken part in international fiction such as Beautiful And Sex and the City.

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Do you remember him? We will see it soon in the program

It’s about the actor and former model Luca Calvani, already a face known to the general public. Apparently Calvani will be one of the new judges in the entertainment program on Real Time, Courtesies for guests. The format of the program concerns two couples of competitors who compete to prove that they are the best guests of the competition, convincing with their home, their dinner and the table setting, the three severe judges, who do not miss anything. Reconfirm again this year Csaba from the Force, judge of the mise en place e Roberto Valbuzzi for the food.

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Do you remember him?
Source Instagram

The new judge Luca Calvani will therefore replace the popular Diego Thomas, which was responsible for evaluating the furnishings and homes of the competitors. The architecture expert and designer reluctantly greeted his colleagues with a sweet post Instagram in which he explained the reasons for this abandonment. Apparently Thomas has decided that the time has come to devote himself to architecture and his personal projects, but he thanks and greets his colleagues with whom he is very good even with the cameras off. The message ends with the irony that has always characterized the judge, writing: “I remind those who will participate in Cortesie for guests, as always, that the carpet must be large and placed under the sofa, I keep an eye on you eh! “

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We will miss him very much, but we can’t wait to see the beautiful at work as a judge Luca Calvani, which certainly will not disappoint our expectations.