Do you remember how Luca Onestini was for men and women? This is how vippone has changed

Do you remember how Luca Onestini was for men and women? This is how Vippone has changed in recent years.

Luca Onestini has entered the house of the GF Vip. A participation that, however, immediately had a first unexpected event. He tested positive for covid together with Charlie Gnocchi, Patrizia Rosetti and Attilio Romita. The virus entered the most spied on house in Italy for the first time. Alfonso Signorini, in this regard, during an episode, had a doctor exposed.

Luca Onestini, past (credits: youtube)

According to the latter it could have happened that one of the new entries had the virus but being asymptomatic the swab would have given a negative result. This is because, having no symptoms, the virus is less strong and consequently would have led to a false negative. A few days later, however, Wilma Goich and Alberto De Pisis also tested positive: all were placed in solitary confinement until a few days ago, when they returned.

Luca immediately made himself noticed when he entered, he is a very nice guy and has a funny personality. It is not his first participation in the GF Vip since in 2017 he had already entered the house. In that year he formed a friendship with Raffaello Tonon and with Ivana Mrazova. Even today with Tonon there is this strong friendship while with Ivan after the reality show they tied a love relationship which ended after a few years. Now that he’s in the program he seems to have sparked the interest of another competitor: Nikita Pelizon, who hasn’t hidden that she feels a pleasure. The first time we met Luca dates back to men and womenfirst as a suitor and later as a tronista: do you remember how it was?

What was Luca Onestini like for men and women, do you remember? Here’s how it’s changed over the years

It is not his first participation in the GF Vip, Luca Onestini was part of the program in 2017. He was then classified in second place behind Daniele Bossari. In recent years he has been engaged to Ivana Mrazova, known precisely in the reality show: today they are no longer a couple. Luca now seems to be close to Nikita Pelizon.

The latter has not hidden the interest and has repeatedly expressed: what will happen between the two? We’ll see. The very first time we met him dates back to her participation in Men and women. First he went down the stairs as a suitor and later, after not choosing, he became a tronista. Do you remember how it was then?

luca honestini men and women
Men and women, Luca (credits: youtube)

This is a shot taken from an episode of Maria De Filippi’s program, where Onestini was a tronista. Compared to today we see that he was different: he had a different hairstyle and his hair was shorter than he wears it now. Otherwise he doesn’t seem to have undergone a big change, don’t you think? You followed his path and are you following him now?