Do you remember it to Men and Women? Revolutionized look: today it is completely different

Do you remember it to Men and Women? Revolutionized look: today the former tronista of the Canale 5 broadcast is completely different.

She was one of the absolute protagonists of the past edition of Men and women. A program where he met a great friend, his throne colleague Andrea Nicole, but above all true love. Let’s talk about Roberta Ilaria Giusti who earlier this year left the show with her chosen suitor, Samuele Carniani.

Roberta to Men and Women (Credits Witty Tv)

A love story that continues booming, to the delight of the many fans who have been following and supporting the couple for months. They follow above all on Instagram, where the former tronista is very active and shares photos and videos of her days. And, just a few days ago, the young Roman showed her latest ‘headshot’ to her numerous followers: the former face of Men and Women has literally revolutionized her look. Goodbye to her long hair, curious to see what he did to her hair?

Men and women, the former tronista changes her look: today she is different from how you remember her

It was January 2022 when, at the center of the study, he chose to leave the program with Samuele. “Next to you I feel the best version of me,” said Roberta, when she communicated to the suitor that she wanted to start a story with him with the cameras off. Suitor that Roberta preferred to the ‘rival’ Luca Salatino, who later became a tronista and currently a competitor to the GF Vip. But what happened to the wonderful ex tronista? Her love story with Samuele is going greatas can be seen if you follow her Instagram channel, where a few days ago she showed everyone her new look.

“I did it, what do you think?”. These are the words that Roberta has attached to the last video shared on her official profile, a few days ago. A video in which she filmed the various steps of her change of look. A decidedly drastic change of look, since the former tronista has said goodbye to several centimeters of his long smooth hair. At the end of ‘transformation’, the former face of Men and Women asked his many followers for an opinion, who enthusiastically welcomed the change of look. A shower of comments invaded the video, curious to see Roberta’s new look? Take a look:

remember men and women
Look change for Roberta (Credits Instagram)

Oh yes, a drastic change for the former tronista, who has opted for a rather short bob. Quite a transformation, considering the length of her hair from before. “I admire the courage,” someone wrote in the comments, where there was a veritable invasion of compliments for the ‘new’ Roberta. For many, the new cut gives a lot to the former tronista, who for someone seems even smaller with this more ‘jaunty’ look. More than promoted look change for her, and what do you think? Do you like the new version of Roberta?