Do you remember it to Men and Women? You’ve never seen it like this: unrecognizable

First suitor and then tronista, do you remember her to Men and Women? , So you’ve never seen: unrecognizable with this look.

Men and women it’s one of those TV shows that the audience couldn’t do without. Maria De Filippi’s dating show now represents a fixed appointment for Canale 5 viewers, who have been passionate about the sentimental affairs of the protagonists of the most famous throne for many years. But are you sure you remember all of them?

Teresa Langella (Credits Witty Tv) Sologossip

It’s not that simple, given the huge number of tronisti, suitors, ladies and knights who have followed one another over the years. Some of them, however, have remained in the hearts of viewers and among these there is no doubt her, Teresa Langella. First in the studio as a suitor, the Neapolitan also returned as a tronista, in 2019, and in that case she found true love. The love affair with Andrew Dal Corso continues at full speed, as demonstrated by the different images of the couple that we find on their respective Instagram channels. And, speaking of Instagram, in recent days Teresa has shared photos that have not gone absolutely unnoticed. The reason? Look at it with your own eyes: the former tronista is unrecognizable.

Do you remember Teresa Langella in Men and Women? Unrecognizable in this shot

He was only 18 when he first landed at Men and women, to court the then tronista Leonardo Greco. Subsequently, Teresa Langella she reappeared on TV in the role of temptress, in the 2018 edition of Temptation Island and, even later, the adventure on the throne of Men and Women began. An adventure during which there was no shortage of ‘no’ moments, but which ended in the best possible way. Thanks to the Canale 5 broadcast, Teresa met her current partner, Andrew Dal Corsoto which she has been happily linked since 2019.

A turbulent start for them: at first, Teresa received a sharp ‘no’ from her suitor, during the choice at the castle. After a while, however, Andrea realized he had made a mistake and managed to win back the heart of the tronistas. Today, the couple is more united and close-knit than ever, one of the most solid among those born to Men and Women. And among the most popular on social media: on her Instagram channel, Teresa has more than 900,000 followers. Who, in recent days, have found themselves a super unedited version of Teresa. “I did a crazy thing”wrote Langella, showing everyone hers new super short cut. Goodbye to her very long dark hair, take a look:

teresa langella look
Teresa with short hair (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Yes, it is a wig, as specified by Teresa herself. But the new look literally drove everyone crazy: a shower of compliments invaded the post shared by the former tronista. Many have advised Teresa to really opt for such a short cut, which she suits her perfectly. Will he follow this advice? What is certain is that the former face of Men and Women is enchanting with any hairstyle.