Do you remember Kara in Smallville? Seeing the actress years later will leave you speechless

Do you remember Kara in the TV series Smallville? She is a character very close to the protagonist: the actress shows herself like this after years!

Smallville is an American television series that we followed from 2002 until 2011, with the airing of 10 seasons. When it begins we are immersed in Clark’s story, a child who arrives in the town after a catastrophic meteor shower. It is the spouses Martha and Jonathan Kent who find him near a spaceship.

It was Kara in Smallville: how is the actress today- credits: youtube (sologossip)

They decide not to tell anyone the truth and to adopt him, raising him as a son. They will immediately discover his true nature: he has supernatural powers, such as speed and strength. When he becomes a teenager problems begin to arise. The young man begins to go to high school and hiding his abilities becomes increasingly complicated, especially in the eyes of Lex Luthor, the son of the unscrupulous multi-billionaire Lionel. The boy is saved by Clark himself and from that moment he begins to have doubts that lead him to investigate what happened with a certain insistence.

All the characters on stage won us over: we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the plot, following the story from the first to the last episode. Among the many protagonists, do you remember Kara? It comes in the seventh season. She is Clark’s Kryptonian cousin, and she too, like the young man, arrives with a spacecraft and has powers. Except Kara stays asleep in it for 18 years until she wakes up. This female character was played by actress Laura Vandervoort: have you seen how it has changed over the years? Here is the shot that will leave you speechless.

She played Kara in Smallville, a character very close to the protagonist: years later, here is the actress today

In Smallville we have followed the story of many different characters and among these you will remember that of Kara, Clark’s cousin. She was sent to earth with the young only that she remains asleep until the age of 18 in the spacecraft.

He has all the abilities that the protagonist has, plus he also knows how to fly, which Clark will only acquire later. Kara has been part of the series for a few seasons. We saw her arrive in the seventh, while in the eighth and tenth she arrives as a ‘special guest’. The actress who played her is Laura Vandervoort. It’s been years since we last saw her as Clark’s cousin, that’s how she is today.

actress after years
Smallville, here is the actress today after many years- Credits: youtube (sologossip)

Looking at this photo it seems that it hasn’t changed at all: more than 10 years have passed since then but for Laura it seems that time has not moved on. She was a beautiful young woman in Smallville and today she is an equally beautiful woman. By comparison, it wouldn’t have been difficult to recognize her, don’t you think?