Do you remember Maria Monsè in the film Annarè? He acted with Gigi D’alessio 23 years ago

Remember when Maria Monsè starred alongside Gigi D’Alessio in the film Annarè? It’s been 23 years.

To Big Brother Vip, last week, two new competitors arrived, Maria Monsè and Patrizia Pellegrino. The reality show is very popular, for this reason, it will not close on December 13th, as agreed by contract, but will end on March 14th.

Remember when Maria Monsè starred in Annarè? It’s been 23 years
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Alfonso Signorini after the two new entries, announced that there will be others in these weeks. Maria Monsè has been in for a little less than a week but is already making herself noticed at home. She’s an actress. His debut in the world of entertainment came in 1992, when he took part in the second edition of the television program Non è la Rai, hosted by Paolo Bonolis. But do you remember when Monsè starred alongside Gigi D’Alessi in Annarè? 23 years have passed.

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Maria Monsè, do you remember her in Annarè? 23 years have passed

Maria Monsè has been part of Big Brother Vip for about a week. This isn’t her first time on reality TV. The actress participated in the third edition of the Gf vip, when Ilary Blasi was at the helm.

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Now, she is ready to get involved again. His entrance was greeted with a wave of laughter. The reason? When Monsè entered the house, Giucas Casella did not immediately recognize her, and was very hesitant to discover the name. Indeed, the competitor has mistaken the actress for Adriana Volpe. It was a very special moment, laughter was guaranteed. We know that Monsè has starred in many films, but do you remember when she was alongside Gigi D’Alessio in Annarè? 23 years have passed since then.

Maria Monsè in Annarè
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Here is Maria Monsè in the much loved film and that has garnered a large following. Here, the current competitor of the Gf vip, starred alongside the artist. Many years have passed, at the time she was very young, she was about 26 years old. Maria Monsè has always been a beautiful woman with a strong charm, it is impossible to say the opposite. She has always distinguished herself and we are sure that, even in the house of Big Brother Vip, she will be able to amaze us as only she can!