Do you remember Patrizia, Cecchini’s daughter in Don Matteo? His life is very different now

Impossible to forget her like Patrizia Cecchini in the fiction Don Matteo: she participated in the first seasons of the series, but what does she do now?

With her we got excited, we laughed, suffered and rejoiced: her character was really loved by everyone so much that her exit from the series was a hard blow for all fans of Don Matteo.

Do you remember Patrizia, Cecchini’s daughter in Don Matteo? His life is very different today (Youtube)

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Patrizia was the daughter of Marshal Antonio Cecchini, played by the extraordinary Nino Frassica, and over the seasons falls in love with captain Giulio Tommasi alias Simone Montedoro. The two eventually marry and become the parents of a beautiful little girl despite her dad at first being not very supportive of his daughter’s union with her superior.

The role of Patrizia, brought out of the series through a tragic car accident, was played by the actress Pamela Saino, at the time 25 years old. Today this sweet artist is 34 years old and has disappeared a little from the scene in recent times. Let’s find out what change has happened in his life.

It was Patrizia Cecchini in Don Matteo: how her life has changed in recent years

Before arriving on the set alongside Terence Hill, he had starred in the third season of another great Rai success, Magic spell.

After the farewell a Don Matteo, the beautiful Pamela has worked in major projects such as Police District, Try it again prof!, The restorer. She has also taken part in cinema films, but for some years she has moved away from the limelight.

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Pamela has indeed become a splendid one mom: her son Gabriel, who appears in various shots published on her Instagram profile, was born on May 4, 2019. The actress then took a break to devote herself full-time to her role as a mother.

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Patrizia Cecchini Don Matteo
Photo source: Instagram

We hope to find her soon on TV, do you agree too?