Do you remember them at Marriage at first sight? The announcement left everyone speechless

Do you remember them at Marriage at first sight? The announcement came a few years after the program.

The new edition of Matrimonio a pima vista started on October 26th. The experts chose the protagonists and formed the couples. The first meeting, as has always happened, takes place for the first time just before saying yes. Immediately after the celebration and the celebrations they leave for the honeymoon that will eventually lead to coexistence.

First sight wedding (credits: instagram)

Only after 5 weeks, at the final choice, they will have to decide whether to stay together or separate forever. In recent years we have followed the path of many couples. In the last edition there was a real twist. All three decided to stick together on the final choice but in the episode of ‘marriage at first sight and then’, we discovered the breakup.

We have known many grooms and brides from the first edition to the eighth. Do you remember Martina Pedaletti and Francesco Muzzo? They met in the sixth edition. Experts formed the couple. Initially, on the part of the bride, several doubts were evident that had gone away over the weeks so that the choice remained together. But what happened a few years after the wedding?

Martina and Francesco di Matrimonio at first sight: it happened years after their participation

We have met many couples at first sight wedding. Some have struck us more, some less, but all have left their mark. After the yes, almost all of them started living together that ignited interest or turned it off. In fact, being together 24 hours a day leads to discovering and understanding that perhaps something may be there or leads to the awareness of not liking each other.

It has happened many times since the free-to-air format on Real Time began. Among the couples we have followed we must mention that one formed by Martina and Francesco, of the sixth edition. They made us laugh and have fun, despite the ups and downs and the initial doubts of the bride. At the final choice they stayed together and also in the episode ‘and then’: but what happened a few years later?

wedding at first sight announcement
The couple’s announcement (credits: instgaram)

You may not know that just last year, on September 18th, they decided to get married again. They gathered family and friends and said yes. But the good news is not over because last week they gave a wonderful announcement: they will become parents for the first time! Yes, they wrote it on social networks where today their profiles are very popular: “The best is yet to come”. With three photos they let everyone know. In the first there is Francesco showing his fake baby bump with the ultrasound in his hands and in the following Martina shows his tummy.