Do you remember them on Temptation Island? What happened after the program: twist

They participated in Temptation Island, do you remember? Not everyone knows what happened after the program: twist.

It’s not summer without Temptation Island, is it? How to blame you! On the air for several years, the couples’ docu-reality show had become a real fixture, but since it was definitively canceled from the TV schedules, its audience misses it terribly.

Oronzo Valentina. Credits: Witty Tv

Focused on the adventures of different couples who chose to put their feelings to the test, Temptation Island has seen various protagonists alternate over the course of its editions. Among them, his viewers can not help but remember Valentina and Oronzo. The very young Sicilian couple took part in the couples’ docu-reality show during the 2018 edition, but even now it continues to be alive in the minds of its admirers. Do you remember, in fact, when the young Valentina chose to leave the program early? Her boyfriend Oronzo had not had a pleasant attitude towards the single she had chosen and De Biasi felt it necessary to ask for the bonfire for immediate comparison. What happened, though, after years? How has the life of Valentina and Oronzo changed today? Twist of the scene!

Do you remember Valentina and Oronzo from Temptation Island? What happened after the program

Unfortunately, the ‘Temptation Island’ test was not successful for Valentina and Oronzo. Although intending to strengthen their relationship even more, the young Sicilian was a spectator of some unpleasant images from her partner, deciding to ask for a comparison well in advance. The two, as you will remember, have chosen to leave the program together equally and to slowly rebuild their relationship. To date, what do we know about them? Are Oronzo and Valentina still a couple? Many ask, but let’s see what we have just discovered!

Between Oronzo and Valentina there was a happy ending and more! Years after the Canale 5 program, in fact, the two continue to be together. And to be very much in love. Be very careful though: their relationship as a couple has strengthened even more with the arrival of their first daughter. In fact, last December, little Giulia was born!

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Oronzo Valentina today. Credits: Instagram

Together with Giulia, Oronzo and Valentina form a truly perfect family.

It is not the only surprise ..

If Oronzo and Valentina continue to live their love story peacefully and have started a family, another former couple from Temptation Island is also thinking about their future. Just recently, in fact, we told you about two very young guys who took part in the Canale 5 program several years ago and who, to date, appear more in love than ever so much to reach a splendid goal together.