Do you remember who was Bianca Atzei’s former partner? We know him very well!

Everyone loves Bianca Atzei’s songs, but remember who her former partner was? We know him very well: he is a very well known face.

She absolutely could not miss her this evening at The Year to Come. We are talking about Bianca Atzei. Beloved singer, the splendid Sardinian will be one of the guests of this unmissable end-of-year event.

Who was Bianca Atzei’s former partner? Photo Source: Instagram

If we talk about the flower of Italian music, we cannot help but mention Bianca Atzei as well. It is precisely for this reason that, together with many other extraordinary local performers, the famous and splendid singer will also perform for this mega concert of the last year conducted by Amadeus. What do we know, though, about her? Having established that his career is incredible and full of crazy successes, are you curious to know something more about his private life? Currently, the beautiful Aztei is happily engaged to Stefano Corti, well-known face of Le Iene Show, but you know who her is ex partner? Many, no doubt, will remember it. And others, however, no! And it is precisely to them that our article is addressed. In fact, Bianca Atzei’s ex-boyfriend is a well-known face to the Italian public. And, above all, for sports lovers.

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Do you remember who is Bianca Atzei’s ex-partner?

Waiting to see her perform on the Trani stage, let’s find out everything you need to know about the beautiful Bianca Atzei. Of your musical and singing career, it must be admitted, we really know everything, but about your private life? Currently, as we said a little while ago, Atzei is happily engaged to Stefano Corti. Before him, however, the singer was engaged with a beloved Italian face.

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Remember who he is Bianca Atzei’s ex-partner? According to what is learned from the web, their relationship lasted several years. And it was quite important for the singer. So much so that, when it was over, the young Sardinian really suffered a lot. Are you curious to know who we are talking about? Here it is, it’s him:

Bianca Atzei ex teammate
Photo Source: Instagram

Yes, you have seen very well! It is Max Biaggi who was Bianca Atzei’s ex-partner. Did you remember that?