Do you remind Men and Women? You cannot imagine what happened

Do you remind Men and Women? You cannot imagine what happened; the news that no one expected.

How many people have passed through the study of Men and women all these years? Impossible to answer with an exact number. Just as it is impossible to remember all those who took part in Maria De Filippi’s dating show. The most attentive fans, however, will undoubtedly remember him…

Gennaro, ex of Men and Women (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

He landed in the Canale 5 broadcast in 2015, between the suitors of one of the most loved tronista. No happy ending for him, who left the studio after a short time, then finding love with the cameras off. But do you know what happened to him in the last few hours? The news will leave you stunned!

Do you remember Gennaro in Men and Women? Incredible news for him

Is called Gennaro D’Angelo and was one of the suitors of the tronista Valentina Dallari. Their attendance, however, did not last long: after a few weeks, the suitor, born in Naples but moved to Lazio, decided to leave the program. The great love, however, has found it all the same, far from the studies of Men and Women, even if the program has something to do with it in a certain sense. Do you know who Gennaro’s girlfriend is?

It’s about Noemi Ceccacci, Marco Fantini’s non-choice. The handsome tronista had created a great feeling with the Roman but, in the end, his heart chose the ‘rival’ Beatrice Valli, with whom today he has built a wonderful family. Noemi and Gennaro have been happily engaged for several years, but this is not the only good news for the former Dallari suitor. The former face of Men and Women is back on TV, but in a very different program from the one in which we saw it years ago. It’s about Masterchef Italy, where Gennaro presented himself at the selections. The most attentive fans will remember that the suitor worked in the restaurant sector, his great passion.

“One of the best moments of my life”, D’Angelo wrote on Instagram, where he posted some shots of him with the chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. The former face of Men and Women received a ‘yes’ from the famous chef and it is a source of great pride for him, as he underlined in the post shared on Instagram. Post that was invaded by the likes of the fans and, among the comments, one of his Noemi could not be missing, who was next to him and also supported him in this other adventure. “Thanks to you I had this experiencethank you cu”, Gennaro wrote to his Noemi, attaching a red heart to the message.

gennaro d'angelo master chef
Gennaro and Antonino Cannavacciuolo (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

And you, do you remember Gennaro’s journey to Men and Women?