Doctor Nowzaradan’s first patient in Vite al Limite: unbeatable record, but a shocking background appears

Melissa Morris was Dr. Nowzardan’s first patient at Vite al Limite and broke a shocking record, but only now is a sensational background emerging.

Lives to the Limit it is one of those secular programs of the small Italian screen. Aired for the first time in 2012, the Real Time docu-reality has made everyone agree since its first episode, having the possibility to alternate 10 editions.

Melissa first patient. Credits: Youtube

Remembering all the protagonists of Vite al Limite is really impossible – even if some of its most shocking transformations will go down in the history of the program – but the first patient of Dr. Nowzaradan cannot be ignored. In fact, his story was told for two episodes during the first season of the program, but the final result broke all kinds of records. From a maximum of 296 kg, the 31-year-old from Texas managed to weigh a whopping 109 kg. In short, a truly shocking weight loss! After more than 10 years from the broadcast of the episode, however, a truly sensational background appears! Look here!

Remember Dr. Nowzaradan’s first patient in Lives on the Limit? Check out a sensational background

Melissa Morris, therefore, was there first patient of Vite al Limite. And the first to have ‘experimented’ with Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet. And, let’s face it, the results have all been seen. Even now, as also told in our very recent article, Melissa’s physical form turns out to be really crazy!

Sifting through his Instagram channel, however, not only were we able to see his transformation and further weight loss after Vite al Limite, but we also discovered a real shock background. To tell it, most likely for the first time, it was the person directly concerned. According to what we learn from her words, it would seem that her first appointment with the Iranian surgeon lasted a good 8 hours. During his episode, very little of this meeting was shown, but in reality it lasted a very long time. Would you have ever imagined it? Finally, Melissa stressed how the interview changed her life forever. Since then, in fact, the woman is completely different.

first patient lives to the limit
Post Melissa. Credits: Instagram

Words of deep esteem, therefore, those that Melissa Morris has reserved for Dr. Nowzaradan.

How has your life changed?

Among the many patients who have alternated with Vite al Limite, it would seem that Melissa Morris is among the one who literally turned her life upside down after the program. In fact, her story and her incredible transformation were so taken to heart by Dr. Nowzaradan that the Iranian surgeon strongly wanted her in his clinic staff. It has never happened before, it is true, but this underlines how much the good Younan is attached to his patients.