Doctor Pimple Popper, bad news for Roger: he would never have said it, what a shock for him!

Bad news for Roger in Dr. Pimple Popper: he would never have hoped for such a thing, big shock to him.

In the study de Dr. Pimple Popper many excrescences and protuberances alternated, like this one of the good Roger, however, very few have been seen. For about 10 years, in fact, the good man had a large lump behind his shoulder with a rather considerable size.

Shock for Roger. Credits: Discovery

Like James’s, Roger’s lump also strongly affected his life. Precisely because of his excrescence, in fact, the man said he had several problems at work – since he carried out manual tasks and the protuberance did not allow him to be done perfectly – and in his social life. Always a free spirit and used to being in the company of friends or family, the doctor’s patient told of leading a hermit’s life. Because of the strong embarrassment he felt due to his growth, Roger did not go out and did not have relations with anyone anymore. In short, a real drama! But did dermatologist Sandra Lee solve her problem? Unfortunately, during the first follow-up visit, Roger received some bad news! Let’s find out together how it ended.

Big Shock for Roger at Dr. Pimple Popper: Bad News!

According to what is learned from Roger’s account of Dr. Pimple Popper’s cameras, it seems that his bump grew about 10 years before his request for help from the famous dermatologist. And that if she was initially very small, now she had become very huge. “Every year it seems to have doubled”, said the good man before meeting the doctor. In fact, her size was quite considerable. Look here.

pimple popper roger
Bozzo Roger. Credits: Discovery

Before going to the doctor’s office, Roger said he asked another doctor for help, but didn’t get the desired effects. The doctor, apparently, was also proceeding with the operation, but in the middle he chose to close it all up, leaving the lump where he was. A decidedly shocking gesture that left the doctor herself amazed.

Roger’s lump was nothing more than a lipoma, but its location had to be understood. If the mass of fat, in fact, was attached to the trapezius muscle, unfortunately the doctor could not proceed with the operation. Fortunately, Sandra Lee’s expectations did not turn out to be reality at all. And she was able to proceed regularly with the removal operation. Everything went great and very soon Roger got a look at his completely new shoulder.

pimple popper roger
Shoulder Roger after. Credits: Discovery

A truly amazing result, don’t you think?