Doctor Pimple Popper, Devon never wanted to know: shock news, she’s desperate

Doctor Pimple Popper, shock news for Devon: she would never want to know, the patient is desperate in the truest sense of the word.

Have you ever followed an episode of Dr. Pimple Popper? Aired on Real Time, the program tells the stories of those people who choose to ask the famous dermatologist and youtuber for help because of their skin problems. There are those who – after having undergone her treatments – start a new life and those who, on the other hand, are forced to live with their illness forever.

Devon tears. Credits: Discovery

The protagonist of our article today is called Devon. The woman chose to ask for help from Dr. pimple popper due to some spots he had on his skin for about 10 years. The first of her – according to what we learn from her story – seem to have appeared when – after having been diagnosed with cervical cancer – she had her uterus removed. So far everything ‘normal’, you would say. After the surgery, however, complications began to arise: she, Devon, lived in Nevada and the summer of the operation, she exposed herself to the sun, causing the growth of these spots which worsened over time. Before asking the doctor for help, she already went to several doctors and underwent various treatments, but none of them worked. What happened with Dr. Lee? Let’s find out together.

Devon’s Shock Drama to Doctor Pimple Popper: Shocking!

The desperation of Devon because of his illness it was so bad that – on the de Dr. Pimple Popper – he told of when he took a pumice stone and started scratching his face. It can be clearly understood that the situation has not only not improved, but far worse. After this shock, in fact, Devon began to notice large scars on his face. Take a look here:

pimple popper devon
Devon leather first. Credits: Discovery

It is clear, therefore, that Devon was in urgent need of seeking help from someone to improve her life. Was the doctor the right time? Let’s proceed with order! As soon as she arrived at the dermatologist’s office, the woman told her story about her, but she immediately received news that she never wanted to know. Her skin disease was called melasma, so laser treatment was not at all suitable. Some really shocking words, therefore, for her, that she seriously wanted to undergo this type of treatment. However, the dermatologist’s solution was only one: prescribe a drug that works from within her! The results of the treatment began to show a few weeks after the visit, but they were truly surprising.

pimple popper devon
Devon leather after. Credits: Discovery

On cameras, Devon said she was confident. And to have returned to carry out her usual life.