Doctor Pimple Popper, Diane: “Illness took everything away from me”, tremendous drama

Diane’s terrible drama told to Dr. Pimple Popper: “The disease took everything away from me”, what happened.

An atrocious suffering, that of which Diane could not help but speak in the course of his participation in Dr. Pimple Popper. Joined the famous Real Time program because of her skin problem, the woman told of her terrible tragedy. And how that changed her life.

Diane’s Tremendous Drama in Doctor Pimple Popper. Photo source: Discovery

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On the cameras of Dr. Pimple Popper, she explained that the disease – inherited from her father and which also affects her brother – began to appear when she was only a child. If initially, however, this was not very visible, very soon it became very visible and difficult to keep to base. Diane, in fact, suffered from neurofibramotosis, a disease that consists in the appearance of growths all over her body. In fact, the woman revealed to the program that she counted thousands on her. An atrocious drama, therefore, which affected her life. “He took everything away from me”, he said. Finally, revealing that neurofibromas are quite painful.

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Diane’s drama in Doctor Pimple Popper: for her illness there is no cure, what happened

As many will know, for Diane’s disease, unfortunately, there is no cure. This is precisely what the Pimple Popper he told her as soon as he saw her situation. This, however, does not mean that Sandra Lee did not help her patient, quite the contrary! Armed with all the useful tools and a fractional CO2 laser, which is used to eliminate warts and smooth the skin, the dermatologist immediately proceeded to remove most of the neurofibromas.

Dr. Pimple Popper Diane
Photo source: Discovery

Neurofibramotosis, from what is known, is a very rare disease. And, as we said previously, it does not present any type of cure. What the doctor was able to do, however, was to manually remove some of the neurofibromas. The surgery was not only long enough, it was also quite painful Diane. Despite this, however, the woman said she was satisfied with the result.

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Dr. Pimple Popper Diane
Photo source: Discovery

“I felt pain, but it was worth it”, Diane said as soon as everything was finished.