Doctor Pimple Popper, dramatic news for Shane: he took a big risk, what happened

Doctor Pimple Popper, Shane really took a big risk: dramatic news, he never expected it, what happened.

A story like this one of Shane – very young patient de Dr. Pimple Popper – we had already told you about it some time ago. Do you remember, in fact, that of Anthony and his lump? Well. Young Shane chose to go to the famous dermatologist’s office for the same reason.

Dr. Pimple Popper, incredible news for Shane: creepy. Credits: Discovery

On the cameras of the Real Time program, Shane told that he has had a large bump between his eye and nose for about two years. Initially small, but then getting bigger, the growth strongly conditioned her life. It is precisely this, therefore, that prompted him to ask for help from the most famous of youtubers. Sure, before seeing her, Shane said he went to another dermatologist, but after learning that removing the lump could cause him blindness, he ran away. Was this also the reaction in Dr. Sandra Lee’s office? Absolutely no! Not even the words of the Californian dermatologist were reassuring, mind you, yet Shante’s attitude was completely different.

Doctor Pimple Popper, shock drama for Shane: he really took a big risk

Although the bump of Shane it wasn’t a problem at all, the one that was seriously worrying Dr. Pimple Popper it was precisely his position. It was a cyst located in the ‘famous’ triangle of death. Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the area between the eye and the nose is rather delicate since very important blood vessels and nerves pass through. Therefore, the dermatologist’s concern was truly skyrocketing. If for some strange reason, in fact, there would have been an infection, this could have spread and create problems.

pimple popper shane
Credits: Discovery

In short, with this surgery Shane really took a big risk. However, he was very courageous in accepting the doctor’s request for help. It goes without saying that the removal operation went great. And, very soon, Shane was able to take back his life before his daughter was born.

pimple popper shane
Credits: discovery

“A nightmare is over”, Shane said as he finished the surgery. The result is truly magnificent, don’t you think?