Doctor Pimple Popper, Mike risked a lot: bad blow to swallow

Big danger for Mike before Dr. Pimple Popper: the dermatologist’s patient risked a lot, what happened.

“I’m sick of suffering. I want the quality of my life to improve “, it is with these exact words that Mike he introduced himself to the de cameras Dr. Pimple popper to tell about his drama. For about 20 years, in fact, the very nice patient of the dermatologist had his body covered with growths.

Mike big risk. Credits: Discovery

This is not a ‘simple’ lipoma or a harmless cyst, but hundreds and hundreds of lumps that completely covered Mike’s body. In addition to having an umbilical hernia that he had never been treated, the dermatologist’s patient had many growths, which not only increased over the years, but gradually made life impossible. In addition to causing him discomfort and pain, his protuberances had completely conditioned his lifestyle so much that he was particularly shy and withdrawn. Arrived at a moment in his life where Mike realized that he could not go on at all, he armed himself with a good patient and asked for help from the famous and expert Sandra Lee. Be very careful, however: during her visit, the patient will receive very bad news!

Shocking news for Mike at Dr. Pimple Popper: He never wanted to know

As well as that of Tameru, also the body of Mike he was completely covered with growths that prompted him to seek help from Dr. Pimple Popper. Having grown since 2003, the bumps were scattered across the arms, chest, belly, and legs. If in the first case, however, they were steatocystomas, in the second they were medium-sized lipomas.

pimple popper mike
Mike Bozzi. Credits: Discovery

Even before going to the doctor, Mike said he asked a doctor friend of his for help to remove those that bothered him most and that aroused most concern. The lipomas placed on his torso, in fact, pressed both on the side and on the spine and could have cost him really dearly. However, despite his overwhelming need to get rid of it, his friend was unable to fulfill his wish at all. Will the doctor succeed? Not completely! In fact, Mike explained to her too his need to completely remove the bumps, but the dermatologist did not fulfill her request. “I am very disappointed”, Mike explained right after the first visit. A bad blow, then, for him who hoped very much that Sandra Lee could remove most of his growths.

pimple popper mike
Mike after surgery. Credits: Discovery

Although she was unable to remove the growths on her torso due to the umbilical hernia, the doctor removed the lipomas on her arms and legs. A superlative result, don’t you think?