Doctor Pimple Popper, nightmare episode for Ramiro: he could never forget it!

Nightmare episode for Ramiro told in front of the cameras of Doctor Pimple Popper: he could never forget it.

A real nightmare episode, the one told by Ramiro in front of the cameras of Dr. Pimple Popper. The 50-year-old Mexican explained that he had asked the Californian dermatologist for help after having done so in the past, but never had the desired results.

Ramiro. Credits: Discovery

As well as many other Sandra Lee patients who choose to go to her after having already tried to be helped by other specialists, Ramiro also asked to have consulted a previous doctor and to have even undergone a removal operation. What, however, had to be a real liberation for him, turned out to be quite the opposite! Before explaining, however, what happened, let’s proceed in order and understand why Ramiro asked for help.

As you can clearly see from the image shown above, Ramiro chose to ask the famous doctor for help because of the growth on the sides of his mouth. The bump, from what has been told, would have appeared for the first time in 2000 and that very soon we reached quite considerable dimensions. “It’s as big as a scoop of ice cream”, explained his daughter Kiara to the television cameras. What exactly was it about? Let’s find out together!

Spooky episode for Ramiro: what happened before Doctor Pimple Popper

After Jason’s ‘strange’ lump behind his neck, Dr. Pimple Popper he had to deal with another somewhat ‘particular’. To the cameras of the program, as we said a little while ago, Ramiro showed her lump on the sides of her mouth and explained that – although initially small – she has grown exponentially over the past few years. Take a look at us for a while:

Dr. pimple popper ramiro
Bozzo Ramiro. Credits: Discovery

Around 2005, when the bump had already grown a lot, Ramiro underwent a first removal surgery without obtaining great results. In addition to feeling a lot of pain, the dermatologist’s patient said he had solved little and nothing. After some time from the operation, in fact, the bump reappeared and decidedly bigger than before. After overcoming his problem for too long and letting it go, however, Ramiro realized that he couldn’t and didn’t want to live with the lump anymore and that’s how he chose to ask the famous Californian dermatologist for help. Will Sandra Lee be able to help her patient? Absolutely yes! Ramiro’s bump, in fact, was a cyst and the doctor did not hesitate to remove it completely. Take a look at the result, it’s creepy:

Dr. pimple popper ramiro
Ramiro after. Credits: Discovery

In short, Ramiro could not ask for anything better. “Finally I have a new face”, he told the TV cameras after the surgery.