Doctor Pimple Popper, sensational discovery for Dusten: what he never expected happened

Shock discovery for Dusten in Doctor Pimple Popper: what he never expected happened, twist.

A real sensational one discovery, the one that Dusten did at the studio de Dr. Pimple Popper after choosing to turn to her because of her large growth. Before we can explain what happened at the time of the operation, however, we cannot help but tell you why the charming man asked the famous dermatologist for help.

Dusten shock discovery. Credits: Discovery

The beloved doctor Lee has solved many impossible cases – such as that of Remi and his ‘alligator’ skin – but this one of Dusten proved to be complicated right from the start. The man, in fact, chose to contact the famous Californian dermatologist because of a large growth that had grown on his knee about 15 years earlier. It was a very huge bump that did not allow him to do his job well or even ride a horse. “If I don’t have surgery, I won’t be able to walk anymore”, Dusten told the show cameras. He also explained that he had already turned to another doctor, but had received a bad diagnosis: the bump could not be operated on. Do you think the doctor was of the same opinion?

Doctor Pimple Popper, shock discovery for Dusten: what happened

As well as Mike’s, so did Dusten it was more a requirement than a simple aesthetic question. If the bump on his legs had not been removed and had grown more and more, his mobility was unfortunately greatly impaired. However, what happened in the de Dr. Pimple Popper, the handsome and charming man would never have expected it. As soon as she saw her growth, the dermatologist couldn’t help but be more than clear to her patient and warn him that if the bump was attached to the muscle, she couldn’t do much.

Dr. pimple popper dusten
Dusten bozzo. Credits: Discovery

“I’m afraid I waited too long”, Dusten said when he realized the situation wasn’t evolving for the best. As soon as the incision was made, in fact, the doctor realized that what for her could have been a simple lipoma, was anything but. In addition to the bump, there was a solid mass. Something never seen before, then. And that, unfortunately, she made sure that the dermatologist did not proceed further with the surgery. Dusten, therefore, did not need the help of a dermatologist, but he needed an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. pimple popper dusten
Dusten and the doctor. Credits: Discovery

Three months after their first meeting, the doctor reported that Dusten went to an orthopedic surgeon. And that he very soon he would make further investigations.