Doctor Pimple Popper, shock discovery for Angelina: sensational!

Discovery of shock for Angelina by doctor Pimple Popper: what happened is truly sensational, to be left speechless.

After The Skin Clinic, there is another unmissable program that treats the skin problems that some people suffer from much more closely. We are talking about her: Dr. Pimple Popper!

Angelina’s Story to Doctor Pimple Popper: What Happened. Photo source: Discovery

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Real queen of Youtube and owner of a channel that records thousands of views day after day, Dr. Pimple Popper she is the protagonist of a program that bears her own name. And who closely analyzes the stories of his patients. Among the many who, in the course of the broadcasts, alternated in his studio, we cannot help but tell you the story of Angelina. At the age of 30, the woman found it necessary to ask the dermatologist for help because of a large bump on her abdomen. And that strongly influenced his life. “I made a lot of visits, but I felt frustrated that no one could find a solution that I gave up”, he told the cameras about the program. Let’s find out what happened.

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Angelina to Doctor Pimple Popper: large protuberance on the abdomen, shock discovery

When he decided to turn to Dr. Pimple Popper, so, Angelina he had had a large lump on his abdomen for several years. Initially the size of a pea, very soon, the mass increased to levels that were as frightening as they were embarrassing. “I wear large sweaters”, he said. Thus explaining her strong discomfort with the surrounding society, but also with her boyfriend.

Dr. Pimple popper angelina
Photo source: Discovery

As soon as she saw Angelina’s situation, Dr. Lee had a single diagnosis. It is a lipoma, which despite its size was safely removed in the study. In the midst of the operation and removal, however, the dermatologist made a shocking discovery: on its surface, the lipoma had another small bump that was decidedly more double. What is it about? Apparently, nothing serious: it’s nothing but scar tissue.

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Dr. Pimple popper angelina
Photo source: Discovery

Two months after the operation, Angelina returned to the doctor to see if her convalescence was going on perfectly. And she said she was enthusiastic about the result.