Doctor Pimple Popper, terrible accident for Robert: chilling story, what happened

On the cameras of Dr. Pimple Popper, Robert recounted the terrible incident: what happened when he was just a child.

It was told during the last season of Dr. Pimple popper, yet the story of Robert immediately proved to be totally different from all the others. On the other hand, his ‘case’ was by no means an easy thing to deal with! The 28-year-old young man, in fact, chose to contact his beloved dermatologist because of a large keloid positioned behind the neck and another – much smaller – on the earlobe!

Robert bad news. Credits: Discovery

How many times have we happened to talk to you about keloids, is it true! Evelyn, for example, had also asked Dr. Lee for help with the huge scar on her ear. What, however, pushed the young Robert to turn to someone expert and who could do for him was a rather huge keloid, which he had already tried to have it removed three times but without success. “It has grown every time and bigger and bigger”, he said. But what caused the growth of this abundant scar tissue? The answer is very simple: a trauma! The one behind the ear, according to what we learn from his story, seems to have popped up at the age of 18 after a piercing. The other behind the head, on the other hand, grew up after a terrible accident at the age of 10.

Robert’s Goosebumps Tale to Dr. Pimple Popper: What Happened

He was only a child when Robert he saw the huge keloid grow behind his neck and – like any self-respecting child – at that age he was truly unstoppable. To the cameras de Dr. Pimple Popper, in fact, the 28-year-old said he got that scar after hitting his head against a glass table following a dramatic fall. A tragic ‘home’ accident, therefore, which strongly influenced his life. Immediately after he went to the emergency room to have his wound sutured and the stitches removed, he began to sprout this scar tissue, which he never would have imagined growing so much. “I try to hide it. I hope that the doctor will help me to solve my problem “, Robert said a few moments to the visit.

pimple popper robert
Robert keloid. Credits: Discovery

As can be clearly seen, the keloid was quite large. And as soon as she saw it, the doctor didn’t hide at all that she was quite worried. What ‘unsuspecting’ the dermatologist was not only the fact that the keloid had grown three times, but also that there was not too much skin to use to close the wound once the scar had been removed. For this reason, therefore, she did not proceed with the operation, but she asked for the help of a very esteemed colleague of hers.

As with Reggie, it was not easy for Robert to remove the keloid, but the surgeon did all he could to make his patient satisfied. Take a look at the result:

pimple popper robert
The scar. Credits: Discovery

Really crazy, isn’t it?