Doctor Pimple Popper, traumatic episode for Reggie: dramatic news, what happened

Dramatic news for Reggie in Dr. Pimple Popper: traumatic episode for him, what exactly happened in the study.

If the other seasons of Doctor Pimple Popper were unmissable, the third was even more so. And we were confirmed by the first patients who alternated in the dermatologist’s office. From Monica’s story to Jackie’s, the Real Time docu-reality kept it all together.

Reggie’s Shocking Story to Dr. Pimple Popper: What Happened. Credits: Discovery

Among the many stories that have been told during the third season of Dr. Pimple Popper, we can’t help but tell you about Reggie. As soon as he turned 51, the patient wanted to give himself a gift: get rid of that skin problem he had been suffering from for about 25 years and which made life impossible. In fact, to the cameras of the program, Reggie said that he began to feel the first signs of his pathology with small cuts in the back of the neck, which gradually became bigger and more numerous. “Pus and blood come out, but they also give off a bad smell”, he said before recounting the traumatic episode he was a victim of. Here’s what happened.

Huge shock for Reggie before Doctor Pimple Popper: what happened

As well as many of his other patients, Reggie too – before turning to Dr. Pimple Popper – he said he turned to several doctors. One of them, however, literally traumatized him: he tried to solve his skin problem with some radiation, not solving the situation at all, but worsening it by far. We do not know what exactly happened and, above all, what type of treatment he was subjected to – not even the dermatologist Lee can understand it – the fact is that the trauma suffered was so enormous that Reggie said he no longer trusted any doctor.

Unfortunately, however, even the request for help from Dr. Pimple popper was not for him. As soon as she saw her situation, in fact, the dermatologist immediately explained that it was a rather extensive keloid acne and that the folds on the head were nothing more than a condition called cutis verticis girata. Certainly nothing to worry about, but for which the doctor could not do anything.

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Credits: Discovery

Getting the diagnosis, but knowing there was no remedy, wasn’t easy for Reggie. Who knows, will there have been some twists and turns just like what happened to Gerald?