Doctor Pimple Popper, unsustainable situation for Susan: the shock drama

Doctor Pimple Popper, unsustainable situation for Susan: hers was a real shock drama, what happened.

Those who regularly follow every episode of Dr. Pimple Popper, she knows very well that the disease she was suffering from Susan it is among those for which there is no cure. In short, the patient who suffers from it, unfortunately, has to resign himself and live with it for life. Sure, the dermatologist does her best to relieve the pain, but she can’t do more than that.

Susan drama. Credits: Discovery

The story of Susan, a beautiful 50-year-old from Alabama, is very similar to Lorne’s. Both of the doctor’s patients, in fact, suffered from the so-called neurofibromatosis, a hereditary genetic disease that involves the formation of growths of rather different sizes all over the body. In fact, Susan told the TV cameras that she had about a thousand scattered between her head, face, back, legs and belly. A decidedly unsustainable situation, as it can be clearly understood, and which prompted the woman to ask Sandra Lee for help. Until now, she had never turned to any specialist because she was aware of the fact that there is no cure for her illness and that, therefore, she had to live with it. “Looking at me in the mirror makes me very sad”, he said before going to the doctor’s office.

Susan’s drama in Doctor Pimple Popper: terrible story, what happened

To the cameras de Dr. Pimple Popper, Susan she told of suffering from this disease since birth, but that she only understood what it was about as an adult. Unfortunately, neurofibromatosis has severely affected her life – just like Brittney had. And in addition to creating problems for her at work, she had radically changed her character: from a free spirit and a lover of life, Susan was always alone!

Pimple popper susan
Susan first. Credits: Discovery

As we can clearly understand, Susan’s neurofibromatosis was very serious! Her body was completely covered in growths and she was tired of having to live with it. As soon as she went to the doctor’s office, the fifty-year-old told her tragedy. She and she explained extensively which neurofibromas her most bothered her. Removing them all was really impossible, so the dermatologist immediately did her best to eliminate from her body all those growths that were in her most obstacle! With the ring cautery, the doctor immediately removed her most prominent bumps and those on her face that made her patient feel embarrassed. Take a look at the result obtained:

Pimple popper susan
Susan after. Credits: Discovery

As soon as the operation was finished and given the progress, Susan could not help but express her joy. Two months after her first visit with the doctor, she said she was even more satisfied with the results obtained.