Doctor Strange 2, Charlize Theron presents Clea on Instagram (spoiler)

Exactly one week after the release in Italian theaters of the new chapter of the MCU dedicated to Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe South African actress and model Charlize Theron chose to share the first images of Cleathe new character he plays in the Marvel universe, with whom viewers were able to get acquainted during the staging of the last film.

Charlize Theron and the first images of Clea on Instagram

A small cameo in the first post-credit scene from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessreleased in Italian cinemas last Wednesday 4 May, to arouse curiosity in the MCU fans towards the new, ambiguous, but fascinating character played by Charlize Theron. The South African act is Clea, a powerful sorceress with supernatural powers who will prove to be Steven Strange’s great love as well as his inevitable companion in adventures. How did Charlize Theron choose to present her on social media? First with a beautiful behind-the-scenes shot in the making up phase, then with another image taken directly from the shooting of the film, in which she appears next to the well-known Marvel sorcerer personified by Benedict Cumberbatch. The costume of the superheroine Clea is one of the most fascinating in the Marvel universe, capable of playing on the thousand shades of purple and lily as well as on a wonderful and very long platinum blonde hair. Theron showed a close-up of pink and purple makeup on Instagram, with her blue eyes highlighted even more by bold lines of eyeliner.

Who is Clea, the superheroine played by Charlize Theron

Like the same Cleaduring his small cameo in the first post-credit scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness does not reveal anything about his true identity to the Marvel wizard, even the writers of the film, in particular Michael Waldron interviewed by Deadline, he told very few rumors about the new character played by Theron in the MCU. “We always knew we wanted to introduce Clea, which in the comics is, one could say, Doctor Strange’s great love “declared the man, revealing even to non-connoisseurs of the comic, that the woman is the only sorceress in the Marvel world, capable of beating Doctor Strange on an equal footing weapons, as well as always keep up with him. “Her past is fascinating. She is Dormammu’s granddaughter ”continued the screenwriter. The arrival of the character of Charlize Theron seems to want to close a circle in the story of Doctor Strange and his love for Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams). Story that, as learned from the last frames of the film, will return shortly with its third stand-alone chapter.