Doctors’ strike, today there will be a 24-hour stoppage: at risk from visits to operations

The protest against the 2024 budget also stops health managers and nurses. Emergency services guaranteed

24-hour national strike by doctors, health managers and nurses todayTuesday 5 December, against the 2024 budget and in particular the pension cut. All services are at risk, including laboratory tests, surgeries, specialist visits and x-ray tests. However, emergency services are guaranteed, highlight the unions that proclaimed the strike, Anaao Assomed and Cimo-Fesmed, and for the sector the Nursing Up union. Abstention from work will involve approximately half of union members. 1.5 million healthcare services could be skipped.

Why we are going on strike, the demonstrations all over Italy

There are at least 5 reasons for the protest by nurses, midwives and health professions pursuant to law no. 43/2006: hiring of staff; tax relief on part of the salary; adequate resources for the renewal of the employment contract; decriminalization of the medical act; cancellation of pension cuts.

Demonstrations will take place throughout Italy during the strike. The union leaders will participate in the sit-in planned in Rome in Piazza SS Apostoli at 11.30 am. Here is the map in the rest of Italy. In Turin at 11 am demonstration in front of the Piedmont Region; in Genoa at 11.00 sit-in at the Villa Scassi Hospital (in front of the emergency room); in Bologna at 10.00 assembly in Room 1 and 2 on the ground floor of pavilion 3, Sant’Orsola hospital, and at 11.00 Sit-in with press point Via Albertoni (corner of Via Primodì); in Naples at 11.00 am Assembly at the Holiday Inn Naples Centro Direzionale; in Palermo at 11.00 meeting at the Medical Association (via Rosario da Partanna, 22); in Bolzano at 2.30 pm Sit-in in Piazza Magnago; in Cagliari at 10.30 Sit-in Piazza del Carmine; in Trieste at 8.00 Asugi assembly; in Udine at 8.00 am Asufc meeting.

Who can strike

All doctors, health, technical and administrative managers serving on a fixed-term or permanent basis in NHS companies and bodies, including IRCCS, IZS, ARPA, or employees of private and/or religious structures who have an agreement and/or accreditation relationship with the NHS. Specialist doctors hired with the so-called Calabria Decree can also join. University medical staff who carry out healthcare activities in a university hospital can also go on strike.

For the sector, all non-medical healthcare personnel belonging to the contractual qualifications of the healthcare sector, operating in local health authorities, hospitals and Italian public health bodies can join.