Does anything else after Masterchef! Today Paola has completely changed her life: we find her just like that

After participating in Masterchef, Paola has completely changed her life: today she does everything else, we find her just like that after many years.

All Masterchef lovers cannot help but remember it! We are talking about Paola Galloni, competitor of the second edition of the famous culinary talent. Having arrived among the kitchens of the program due to her passion for cooking, the very nice Milanese easily managed to conquer the palate of the three judges, who immediately gave her the opportunity to move on to the next phase.

Paola Masterchef 2. Credits. Youtube

Become a competitor of Masterchef, it wasn’t easy at all. After having conquered the three judges during the first test, the beautiful one Paola she had to overcome others and only after she managed to wear the famous and coveted white apron. From that moment on, however, the competitor’s path was all uphill. Winner of one test and another in the brigade, Galloni was one of the undisputed protagonists of that edition, enchanting everyone with her dishes.

Despite the failure to win at Masterchef, Paola still succeeded in her goal: she proved her skill and how immense her passion for cooking was. Are you curious, however, to know what she is doing today? We tracked her down on Instagram and – as well as her friend Daiana – she too seems to have completely changed her life.

What does Paola do today after Masterchef? She changed her life

If Andrea Marconetti, after the third place a Masterchef, has completely revolutionized her look, Paola Galloni continues to be splendid but with a lifestyle that is decidedly different from that of the times of talent. In fact, at the time of her participation in the program, her beloved competitor was a housewife passionate about cooking, are you curious to know what she does today?

Almost 10 years after her participation in Masterchef, we tracked her down on Instagram and found that her life would seem decidedly different from then. As happened to Guido, her travel companion at the time of talent, the beautiful Galloni also ‘greeted’ her old life to devote herself to another more relevant to her passions! According to what we learn from her bio social about her, in fact, it would seem that Paola currently writes about cooking, but that she too has been the author of several books about this world.

The ‘surprises’, however, did not end there at all. Sifting through her Instagram channel, we tracked down lots of shots of her dishes. What to say?! Really yummy! It would seem that Paola prefers healthy cooking, easy for everyone and, above all, super fast. In short, a perfect mix for every woman of the house. Finally, are you curious to see how we find it again after almost 10 years? Here she is, always a blast:

paola masterchef
Paola today. Credits: Instagram

Always beautiful, don’t you think? That elegance that has distinguished her among the kitchens of Masterchef, Paola continues to have it even now. Well done!