Does Fedez go into politics? Registered a domain for the 2023 elections

The web domain with the name, currently inactive, was bought by the ZDF, the rapper’s company who on more than one occasion lashed out at politicians for some decisions, the last of which was the sinking of the Zan bill.

The next political elections, likely to be held in 2023, could see Fedez take the field. To launch the hypothesis is The Corriere della Sera, which reports the news of the registration of a web domain with the name

The domain bought by the Fedez company

According to the newspaper, the domain – ​​currently inactive – was registered on the morning of 10 November and was bought by ZDF, the Fedez company. The rapper has never hidden his opinions and has often taken a position on political issues, most recently the sinking of the Zan bill, commented with an ironic “Bravi tutti” addressed to the senators and a direct attack on the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi. He also had his speech discussed at the concert on May 1st, in which – in addition to the politicians on the Zan ddl issue – he attacked the government for its lack of support for show business workers affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic.

The attack on the sinking of the Zan bill

After the collapse of the Zan bill on October 27, Fedez first recalled that “Italy will continue to be one of the last European countries without a law against homotransphobia”. Then he attacked Matteo Renzi, who was absent in the Chamber: “But is the Renzi who proclaimed himself a champion of civil rights the same one who seems to have flown to Saudi Arabia today while dropping the Zan bill? To celebrate freedom of speech, let’s organize a scrabble match with Kim Jong-un? Great timing. ” Even the rapper’s wife, the entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, had thrown herself against the sinking of the bill: “We are governed by clowns without balls. They succeeded, they just killed the Zan bill. And with it the hope of becoming a country normal, civil, which protects minorities from the violent and not, as from today will continue to be, the violent from sanctions “. “The Senate – said the influencer – has just voted by majority in favor of the trap, that is, the procedure that exists only in the Senate and which allows you to avoid the discussion of a law. They did so. They voted to prevent, after years of discussions, the final discussion. The last step. The one that would have completed a journey of civilization that had overcome all obstacles. All of them. Except this one that worked “.

Fedez’s speech on May 1st

Even at the concert on May 1st, 5 months earlier, Fedez had spoken of the Zan bill attacking the Northern League Ostellari, president of the Justice Commission in the Senate: “Ostellari has decided that a bill of parliamentary initiative, therefore the maximum expression of the people, which is it has already been approved in the Chamber as Ddl Zan can easily be blocked by the desire of an individual, that is to say himself. . The rapper then attacked: “Someone like Ostellari said that there are other priorities in this moment of pandemic than the Zan bill. Let’s look at them: the Senate did not have time for the Zan bill because it had to discuss the labeling of wine, the reorganization del Coni, the bilingualism allowance for the policemen of Bolzano, and the reinstatement of the annuity of Formigoni “. Finally, in his monologue, Fedez also recalled the entertainment workers, heavily affected by the pandemic: “Happy May 1st and a happy holiday to all workers. Also to those who have a job but have not been able to exercise it for over a year. better occasion to celebrate non-workers’ day than a stage, for show business workers this is no longer a party “. Fedez had addressed directly to the President of the Draghi Council: “Dear Mario, I fully understand that football is the true foundation of this country, but let’s not forget that the number of football workers and the number of entertainment workers are the same. So, I am not saying a few bucks, but at least a few words, a reform project in defense of a sector that has been decimated by this emergency and which is governed by regulations established in the 1940s and never properly modified until today. he spoke on the merits of the superalloy with great timeliness, his intervention in the world of entertainment would be equally welcome, thank you “.