Does Teresa Mannino have a partner? What do we know about the comic’s private life

Teresa Mannino is one of the protagonists of this new edition of Zelig, but does she have a partner? What we found out about his private life.

After 25 years from its first episode, Zelig is back on the air with three special episodes. Conducted by Vanessa Incontrada and Claudio Bisio, the famous comedy show entertained its beloved audience for about two episodes. And, this very evening, she is about to greet him. Will there be a continuation? We hope so! Also because, also given the ratings, it was confirmed that the Italian people need these types of programs.

Does Teresa Mannino have a partner? Photo Source: Instagram

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Waiting, however, to find out if Zelig will return with new episodes, are you curious to know something more about some of its protagonists? Among the team of comedians, as we have seen in these two weeks, she has returned: the mythical Teresa Mannino. Echo, but what exactly do we know about her? Having established that her sense of humor is spectacular and that she is very much loved, you are curious to know a little more about her private life? For example, to date, does the beautiful Mannino have a partner? Let’s find out everything together.

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What do we know about Teresa Mannino’s private life?

Are you ready to have fun and laugh at the jokes of Teresa Mannino? We can’t wait. Waiting, however, for the latest episode of Zelig, are we ready to tell you everything you need to know about the very nice Sicilian comedian? For example, have you ever wondered if the beautiful Mannino is currently engaged and if she has, therefore, a partner? Well. If you are also curious to know, this is the article for you!

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Unfortunately, we have not been able to steal a lot of news about Teresa Mannino’s current sentimental status. Although beloved on her Instagram channel, it would seem that the Sicilian comedian does not like sharing news concerning her private life. What, however, we were able to track down from the web tells us that Teresa was married, but that her marriage has ended. And who, as told Donna Moderna, she met Andrea at the motorway restaurant, with whom she had a baby girl. To date, however, we do not know if the couple is still together or not!

Teresa Mannino companion
Photo Source: Instagram

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