Dog bites Briatore manager in Kenya, owner’s passport withdrawn

Rita Duzioni, a 58-year-old lawyer from Bergamo, had her passport taken away – and is currently stuck in Kenya – after, months ago, one of her five dogs bit the manager of Flavio Briatore’s Kenyan resort. Duzioni was accused of omitted custody, even though she was in Italy at the time of the events, because she was considered responsible for the behavior of the animals she owned. This was reported by several newspapers including Corriere della Sera.

Stuck in Malindi

The facts date back to April 2023, when one of the woman’s five dogs who were at the Adamson Place residence in Malindi (where the 58-year-old stays during the year) bit Chetrin Gelmi, manager director of Flavio Briatore’s resort since 2019, on the calf Lion in the Sun in Malindi, located opposite. Even though the lawyer was not in Kenya, she was still accused: “In that period I had been contacted by the lady and we had agreed on compensation of 400 euros, which I had paid” explained Duzioni. Once she returned to Malindi, in December 2023, the woman was contacted by the tourist police. “When I showed up they stopped me, took my fingerprints, notified me of the charge and took me to court. Here they set bail and took my passport away” explains the 58-year-old stuck in Malindi.

The process

The trial began on January 2, 2024. Duzioni proposed to pay another 500 euros, based on the fact that in Italy damages of that type provide compensation for around 800 euros. “The plaintiff’s lawyer showed me a piece of paper with which he asked me to pay the equivalent of 20 thousand euros to withdraw the complaint and get my passport back” declared Duzioni who now accuses Chetrin Gelmi and her lawyer of extortion, asking to get his passport back and to be able to return to Italy.