Dogman, Luc Besson meets the public in Italian cinemas: here’s where and when

Luc Besson will meet the public in Italian cinemas, on the occasion of a special promotion of his latest film Dogman.
After the film’s enormous success in theaters (and after being acclaimed at Venice 80), the director then returns to Italy to meet the public in numerous cities. After all, Italy is the second largest territory, after France, in terms of takings. Released last October 12th, Dogman it soon approached the million euro mark with 140,000 admissions, continuing to rank among the top of the Cinetel ranking.
Not only great numbers at the box office but also truly enthusiastic comments are those that characterize the French filmmaker’s new cinematic effort.

Director Luc Besson will greet the audience in theaters in Bologna and Modena on Thursday 26 October; Milan, Brescia and Bergamo Friday 27 October; finally in Rome on Saturday 28 October.

To book your seat, you can find the official links and ticket pre-sales for individual cinemas, with details of timetables, on the page dedicated to the “Lac Besson Tour” on the Lucky Red website.

Dogman it’s a resounding success (also thanks to an incredible Caleb Landry Jones)

Greeted by a roar of applause at the recent Venice Film Festival, Luc Besson proves to be back in splendid form, offering us a dark tale capable of moving and shaking as only this director can make us do.

Also thanks to some truly crazy casting: Caleb Landry Jones is the chapeua protagonist, who with an incredible performance managed to identify with a dark but also very emotional story. The film tells the parable of a child who has been severely wounded by life. He will seek redemption and salvation in the love of his dogs.

The story of the child locked up by his father in a dog cage

As a child, Douglas (Caleb Landry Jones) was locked in a cage full of fighting dogs by his abusive father. But instead of attacking him, those dogs will become his loving family, accompanying him throughout his life. They will be the ones to do what a father, mother, brothers, relatives and various friends should actually do. They will accompany him in search of his own path, which is a path on the margins of society. Douglas, together with his furry friends, lives without submitting to the rules that society imposes.
“They are my children… as far as I know they only have one flaw: they trust humans” says the protagonist in the film.

Douglas lives in an abandoned shelter with his four-legged companions, who are like an extension of himself.