Domenica In, everything changes! The announcement came in these hours: incredible

Domenica In, everything is about to change: the announcement arrived just in these hours, something incredible will happen, you will never imagine it.

Among the many broadcasts that are expected for September, Domenica In is one of the most desired by the Italian public. Led by the splendid Mara Venier, the next edition of the program will start on September 11th and will accompany us until next June. In short, they will be quite intense months during which there will be unpublished interviews, emotions and much more.

Mara Venier. Credits: Instagram

How many of you can’t wait for Sunday to start? Starting from 11 September next, Mara Venier will be at the helm of a new edition made up of many emotions and news. The latest was announced just a few hours ago on Instagram and made all its viewers crazy with joy.

Hold on tight, on Domenica In everything is about to change! To share this surprising announcement, it was the direct interested parties on their respective social channels. This is something unexpected and which obviously surprised the whole audience of the program, but it made them happy at the same time. What exactly are we talking about? Let’s find out together!

Everything is about to change on Domenica In: the announcement leaves everyone speechless, what will happen

Just a few hours ago, it spread the surprising announcement concerning Domenica In, yet in a heartbeat the news has already been around the web. Just like the one that has an ex-beloved face of Amici as its undisputed protagonist, this too on the famous Rai Uno program has literally surprised everyone. Of course, it is certainly something beautiful, but that no one would have ever imagined.

This Sunday In edition has yet to begin, yet it would seem that Mara Venier and her team already intend to surprise all her admirers. Just a few hours ago, a truly surprising announcement was made. We are talking about a really crazy novelty that will be brought to the program starting from next September 11th and that makes everyone crazy with joy. We are not referring to changes in management, new entries in the cast or so on and so forth, but rather something that fully represents the program. Have you already understood what we are talking about? The answer is very simple: the acronym! Since Mara Venier returned to the helm of Domenica In, two acronyms have alternated: “Eh..già” by Vasco Rossi, which sanctioned the return of the presenter in the historic Rai Uno program, and “Domenica” by Achille Lauro . Starting from September, however, there will be a new soundtrack sung by two exceptional voices. Take a look here:

Sunday in announcement
Announcement Sannino IG. Credits: Instagram

Andrea Sannino and Franco Ricciardi, therefore, will be the voices of the new theme song for Domenica In. We have very little information about it, but as you can read from the caption, the two singers will present it during the first episode. We can’t wait, you?